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    Hearthstone Battlegrounds: The best heroes to play in 2021

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    We explain which of the more than 50 heroes of the Hearthstone Battleground are worth your time.

    Are you one of the hordes of people who can't get enough of Hearthstone's battlegrounds? Card brawling autobattler can eat up a good chunk of your free time, but when you consider the fact that there are over 50 different heroes available in the game and that each of them changes the game and its synergies, it's easy to get a little. lost.

    So, for those struggling to decide which of the four options you should choose to start each Hearthstone Battlegrounds match, let this list of levels serve as a guide. Not all heroes are created equal, and while this list isn't absolute, some decks are more or less powerful depending on the different decks available in a match, should lead to more confident choices so you're not setting yourself up for failure too soon. of you to start.

    So with that in mind, here's a guide to the best and worst heroes in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Can't distinguish your Pyramad from your Toki Infinite? Don't worry, we'll help you.


    These are the best and worst heroes in Hearthstone Battlegrounds based on the current meta. New additions Mutunus the Devourer and Guff Runetotem do not yet appear in this tier list, though we are sure to update accordingly as they find their place in the meta:

    layer 1Forest Guard Omu, C'Thun, The Great Akazamzarak, Millhouse Manastorm, Ragnaros the Fire Lord, Al'Akir, Maiev Shadowsong, Captain Hooktusk, George The Fallen, Jandice Barov, Archvillain Rafaam
    layer 2Orador da Morte Blackthorn, Vol’jin, Patches the Pirate, Lord Barov, O Lich King, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Zephyrs the Great, Queen Wagtoggle, Silas Darkmoon, Xyrella, Reno Jackson, Kael’thas Sunstrider, Tickatus
    3 Level Yogg-Saron, Rakanishu, Nozdormu, Edwin Vancleef, Greybough, Sindragosa, Skycap'n Kragg, Patchwerk, Mr. Bigglesworth, Alexstrasza, Tess Graymane, Rei Mukla, Infinite Toki, Aranna Starseeker, Millificent Manastorm, Ysera, N'Zoth
    4 LevelY'Shaarj, Elise Starseeker, Overlord Saurfang, The Rat King, Malygos, Pyramad, Fungalmancer Flurgl, AF Kay, Chenvaala, Captain Eudora, Dinotamer Brann, The Curator, Deathwing, Illidan Stormrage, Dancin 'Deryl, Lich Baz'hick, Shuder , Lord Jaraxxus



    C'Thun has a simple power. Each turn, C'Thun's hero power will give a friendly minion +1/+1, repeating it each time you use the power.

    So the first time you use C'Thun's power it will give a random friendly minion +1 / + 1. The second time you use it it will give a random friendly minion +1 / + 1 two times. The third time, three times. This is amazing for increasing your pace.

    C'Thun's power increases so much that you want to make sure you're using it at every turn. This means that on turn one you must take the hit, skip buying a minion, and instead use your hero power to level him up. On turn two, instead of your tavern's standard upgrade route, you should use your hero power again to make it more powerful.

    By the end of the game, you'll be spitting buffs all over the place, and each time the game plays out, the stronger you'll get.


    Forest Guardian Omu has a passive hero power that gives him two gold every time you upgrade the tavern, albeit only for the turn you are on. This means you can be aggressive with your updates.

    So if you're playing Omu you can upgrade to Tier 2 on turn two, Tier 3 on turn four, and when you get to year 5 you should be upgrading to Tier 4 which is when most players are upgrading to Level XNUMX.


    Remember when you played normal Hearthstone? Remember the secrets? The Great Akazamzarak brings this to the Battlegrounds, giving you access to incredibly powerful secrets that can turn the tide of battle.

    If a secret is not triggered in battle, it will remain with the character until it is.

    The most powerful secret is the Ice Block, which will prevent you from taking lethal damage. You'll want to do this as soon as it appears, because it means you can adopt greedier strategies, knowing you'll have some protection if things go from bad to worse.

    Elsewhere, Competitive Secret gives +1/+1 to all your minions at the start of your next turn. This can give you a big time advantage early on and help you improve weaker minions that might have problems early on. Keep an eye out elsewhere for Splitting Image, which doubles the first person attacked each turn, and Self-Defense Matrix, which gives the first target minion of each battle a Divine Shield.


    Millhouse's Hero Power is active and completely changes the way the game works. Upgrading the tavern costs two instead of one, buying minions costs two instead of three, and each tavern upgrade costs one more, per level.

    Millhouse generates a lot of early momentum, and if you can use it the right way, it will carry you through the entire game. You should start upgrading your tavern as soon as you can, so you can catch up to the others at turn five, pushing it to tavern tier 3. Get past that and you'll really be ahead, and you can upgrade at turn six to Tier 4 .

    Do this and you will be in the lead, and you should be able to achieve victory.


    Ragnaros The Firelord is useless until you jump 25 minions. He has no special power, but the promise of something really special.

    After killing 25 minions, Ragnaros gains a Hero Power that will give his right and left minions +3/+3 permanently, meaning they can quickly spiral out of control. So winning with Ragnaros can come down to how quickly you can scatter your opponents' minions, gaining access to the massive buff and snowballing to victory.


    Al'Akir's hero power is another passive, giving his leftmost minion Windfury, Divine Shield, and Taunt. At the beginning of the game, this almost guarantees that you will win your first few fights.

    This power is free and fires every turn, which means you are much more aggressive at the beginning of the game. You can later use it to synergize well with poison minions to give you a head start in any late-game fight, or even large units you've been building over the course of the game.


    A recent update hit economic powerhouse Elise Starseeker with the nerfhammer, meaning she is no longer as strong as she once was, shown by her place at the bottom of the list. In her place is Maiev Shadowsong, who can buy minions with a +1 attack bonus for just 1 gold.

    The problem is that you only get these cards two turns later. Sleeping minions don't take up space in the tavern, so from turn two onwards, you must draw a minion and leave another dormant minion for later. You do this instead of the more traditional Tavern upgrade.

    To win with Maiev, you need to turn that economic advantage into a card advantage. Buy early, maybe even turn one if you get a card that spawns an extra minion, allowing you to sell it for an extra coin, build your strategy quickly, and try to turn those early attack bonuses into a real advantage.


    Captain Hooktusk is an absolute monster to find triples. Her hero power, Trash for Treasure, allows her to exchange a minion from the player's warband in exchange for one from the tavern below him.

    As such, always having a level one or two minion to cycle through is key during the early stages of the game, with token minions like Murloc Tidehunter and Alley Cat providing the best value. From there, you can search for things like Sun-Bacon Relaxers for Blood Gems, Deck Swabbies for cheaper tavern upgrades, or even more tokens to triple or extra gold.

    Treasure Trash can also be used to climb minions. For example, the aforementioned gems from a level one boar can increase your warband if you have an Aggem Thorncurse. Meanwhile, hunting down pirates to bolster your Salty Looter is a breeze with Swabbies and Scallywags available at level one.

    While there is a bit of art to playing Hooktusk effectively, the effort invested is well worth it, as you will rarely if ever fall below the top four.


    There's not much to say about old George, here: for two coins, you can grant the minions in your formation a permanent Divine Shield, which is absolutely huge.

    Use this to upgrade minions like the Cave Hydra or one of your venomous Murlocs, and you'll find this power truly incredible. At the beginning of the game you should use it on turn three or six, but after that you can use it almost every turn with great impact.


    Jandice's Hero Power allows you to exchange a non-Gold minion for a random minion in Bob's Tavern for the princely cost of zero coins. That means you can send Battlecry minions back to the tavern to buy them back and get the effects of your Battlecry again, or even get rid of the minions you don't want to take a chance with one-tier minions. higher.

    Jandice's power is so strong that there's rarely a moment to use it that doesn't generate an advantage. Make sure you buy Battlecry minions that give you a boost, then use them again and again.


    Rafaam has a fun, chaotic hero power that allows him to create clones of the first enemy minion you kill, and you can keep them forever. Power only costs one gold, so you're basically getting a free minion as long as you actually get a kill.

    However, you'll need to keep an eye on who you're up against: AF Kay doesn't have any minion for the first two laps, and a smart C'Thun won't either.



    Sir Mrrgglton's hero power gives you the chance to discover another hero power, allowing you to reroll your starting skill. A good rule of thumb here is that if you get a bunch of heroes you don't like, pick Finley and you can try again.


    Big daddy Quilboar, Deathspeaker Blackthorn might seem like the right choice if you're looking to force piggies. While perhaps intended to stay in a pocket the size of a tribe akin to heroes like Jaraxxus and Chenvaala, Blackthorn's Hero Power Bloodbound can provide value to any comp thanks to the pace provided by leveling up.

    Each time you level up a tavern, Bloodbound spits out some Blood Gems for you to affix to your minions. For minions like the Bristleback Bristle, Aggem Thorncurse, and Groundshaker the power's utility is only amplified. However, they are not the only beneficiaries. After all, god shield minions like Crackling Cyclone and Deflect-o-Bot effectively gain +2/+1 per gem.

    Gems, of course, cannot be used just to buy time. If you're on a low roll streak, a few extra gems can help you stabilize while maintaining some resemblance to the level curve. If you're betting high, however, you can simply pocket the gems until you find a particularly attractive minion to pump.


    The Shadowhunter is by far the most exciting of the three heroes recently added to the battlegrounds. His hero power, Spirit Swap, allows him to swap the stats of any two minions for free, and yes, that includes minions residing in the tavern.

    Spirit Swap is huge in a variety of scenarios. Want to buy bacon at the first turn for the Blood Gems, but don't want to miss it soon? Just swap his stats with that tasty-looking Vulgar Homunculus next to him.

    Need to make a tanky poison minion to survive the next turn, but only have a Mortal Spore and an Annihilan Warmaster on hand? There is! Spirit Swap.

    In fact, with the latter scenario in mind, it's clear that Vol'jin rewards creativity, which is why we love him so much. Most important, of course, is the fact that it allows for minions transitions so seamlessly. Being able to, for example, swap that Rabid Saurolisk you had nearby in your zoo composition for a Cave Hydra without sacrificing power is incredibly potent.


    Patches' power breeds pirates. You can get a pirate at any time for Tier 3 gold. However, this hero power gets cheaper every time you buy a pirate, which means you can get a pirate for free for every three you buy.

    A fun economic move you can make with Patches means that if you find a pirate on your first and second turns, you can delay the Tavern upgrade and have three pirates on the board. Get very lucky and you might even have a golden minion in turn two.


    This one is really silly: Lord Barov's skill is Friendly Bet, which lets you spend a coin to guess which player will win the next fight. Do it right and you will win three coins, if there is a tie you will get your stake back.

    Make it work and you'll have a real boost to the economy. Do this right a few times and you'll have enough money to bully the game.


    Hail to the King. The Lich King's ability gives a friendly minion respawned for the next fight. You should give this to your heaviest hitter, or perhaps your minion with the scariest death rattle.

    It costs nothing, which means it's a free win on turn one most of the time and, if you use it right, an easy path to the top four. What else is there to say?


    Zephrys has three opportunities to turn two cards into gold cards, as his hero power allows you to find a third for any two copies you have.

    When you use this is up to you, but using it early to complete high-value gold cards will give you a small economic advantage and help you build around whatever deck you prefer.


    The queen of the menagerie, Wagtoggle is the ideal choice if you like to mix and match your tribes. His Wax Warband Hero Power gives one minion from each tribe +1/+1 with each tap, costing just one gold for consistent stat boosts across the board.

    Wagtoggle is excellent when the jank is on the cards and you find yourself filled with a mottled mass of minions that don't really synergize with each other. At the very least, that Glyph Guardian might serve a purpose until you finally find a brave Bronze Guardian to make up for it. Meanwhile, that Hungry Dragon that hasn't had a proper meal since you bought it three turns ago can at least take a light bite each turn to end the tide.

    If you can get into an Aggem Thorncurse, then your computer will get really scary, very quickly.


    Silas' Hero Power can be a double-edged sword. Some of the minions in the Tavern will glow, indicating they have Shadowmoon Tickets. Get three of these and you'll discover a free minion from the Tavern level you just purchased.

    So here's your problem: chase the Darkmoon tickets too hard and you could be putting together a mediocre lineup. Don't chase tickets, and you're not getting the best out of things either.

    So balance is important here. It will probably take a few tries to get it right.


    Xyrella occupies a very respectable position in our rankings, thanks to her respectable Hero Power. See the Light lets you add any minion of your choice to your tavern hand for just two gold, but there's a kicker. The minion will come into your possession as a 2/2.

    This doesn't sound ideal, but it has some incredibly useful apps. Firstly, it helps early on in the game, especially if you're looking to invest in a Sun Bacon Relaxer or one of the other low-stat minions. The extra boost in trading power can help prevent early losses to minions like Sellemental or Wrath Weaver, while creating favorable trades with others like Micro Mummy or Murloc Tidecaller.

    With an extra gold to play with each round by default, players have the ability to fish a little harder for triples. What's more, if played optimally, with a little help from Bob, of course, Xyrella can have a full board and be in the tier four tavern by turn six.

    While Xyrella may not scale very well later in the game, her Hero Power may continue to provide value depending on her composition. After all, minions like Charlga, Lightfang Enforcer, and Brann Bronzebeard who are there to supercharge your board aren't there to have stat sticks. And, on Brann's topic, being able to acquire cheaper stat-boosting battle sets to finish the cycle is always a bonus.


    Reno Jackson can turn a friendly minion into a gold minion. A time. You don't get the Discover effect and they stay on the board.

    So when should you use it? The best time to use it is as a power boost for a mid-range minion that benefits from the golden card benefit. Battlecry minions are no good, because you will not deploy them again, they will simply stop being regular minions and become a golden version.

    Take advantage of this energy spike, and there is a lot of potential to be explored here. However, you will need something to keep your lineup strong when peak strength wanes.


    Kael'Thas has a passive hero power that gives every third minion you buy a +2/+2 bonus. He's easy to play and get the most out of, but you need to pay attention to the order you buy things. , so your expendable Battlecry minions, any other junk you buy, must be bought without a saddlebag, and the minions you really want can be bought for the +2/+2 buff.


    Tickatus has a fairly simple power: its power mirrors the Darkmoon Prize system, which was recently removed from the main game. Every four turns you will receive a Black Moon Reward.

    There's a downside: the pool of useful prizes on offer, as in normal play, could mean you get a weak spell, meaning there's a risk and reward mechanic at play.



    Yogg Saron is one of our favorite risk/reward champions. Yogg comes with a Hero Power that lets you recruit a random minion from the Tavern for just 2 gold, giving him a +1/+1 buff.

    Random minions aren't always useful, but early in the game it's very difficult to sniff out a buff that can help you fight at close quarters. It also means that while playing Yogg, you can get an extra minion on turn three when you will have five gold, and secure a very strong position coming out of the early game.

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    Rakanishu's Hero Power is an excellent buff, but it requires you to fully power up your tavern to get the most out of it.

    For two coins, you can use your Hero Power to give a friendly minion stats that align with your tavern level. You should avoid using it until turn six, but from then on you should use it on all turns.


    Your first upgrade is on the house each turn when you play as Nozdormu. Useful if you're looking for something, and you should use your free upgrade on turn one to try and find a minion spawn card for a head start, but otherwise not very useful.


    Old Eddie has an excellent later game buff with a single cost spell that gives a minion +1/+1 for every minion you bought this turn. It's targeted, so you can choose which minion you want to get the buff, which means you can buff your special minions regularly.

    The limit here is how many minions you can buy at once, without affecting your economy.


    Greybough's Hero Power gives a passive buff to anything you summon during combat. This means that Reborn minions or those with a summon death rattle can be very strong early in the game.

    His biggest problem is that his late-game is weak, as the summons get weaker in the late game, as everyone else has a more complete late-game lineup. But at the start of the game, Greybough should be able to give you a substantial advantage: what you do with him after that is up to you.


    Sindragosa has a strange Hero Power, giving the Frozen minions in her tavern +2 / +1 each turn. This means that you must draw a minion on the first turn and freeze the rest, before refreezing them at the end of the next turn. That means you can buy two minions with a +4/+2 bonus on turn three and enjoy a power boost.

    You can buy a few other buffed minions on turn four, but Sindragosa's Hero Power is almost useless from this point on.


    You can use Kragg's power once and only once during the game. The power gives you free gold, with the amount of gold increasing by one each turn. That means Kragg is weak at the start of the game and weaker than most heroes once you use his power.

    So when should you use it? The best bet is turn eight, when you have 10 diamonds. Use it then and you can upgrade your Tavern to level 5, use your Hero Power and then get some new minions with this upgrade. This spike in power should allow you to assert some dominance in the next few matches.


    Patchwerk has 55 health instead of the normal 40. This might seem useful, but that 15 health perk becomes meaningless later in the game because of how quickly the damage builds up.


    Bigglesworth is great, but his Hero Power is useless until another player dies. Whenever a player kicks the bucket, you can discover a minion from their warband, allowing you to grab one of their units with all their buffs.

    This means that Bigglesworth at the end of the game can pick up a stellar minion every two turns. But you have to survive for so long, which is why he's so far down the list. Play a solid base game and you might get regular wins, but there are easier options on the way to the crown.


    After upgrading to level five tavern, you discover two dragons. If you can get good dragons like Kalecgos or maybe Razorgore, you can turn that spike in power into a victory. If it goes wrong, you could end up with two Red Whelp's, which is a disaster.

    You could have great games like Alexstrasza, but it really depends on what the RNG is for.


    Tess has a great Hero Power: for one gold you can renew Bob's Tavern with your last opponent's Warband. That means you can pick up higher level minions and collect the strengths of each enemy you face.

    However, Tess has been demoted to level three on our list because she relies on her opponents being unconscious in battle. If each of her opponents chooses to play a different type, Tess will have a hard time making an impact.


    For one gold, King Mukla can get two bananas, zero-cost cards that give a minion a +1/+1 bonus. However, the kicker is that while you can get two bananas right away, all other players get a banana at the end of the turn, allowing them to buff the next turn.

    This gets trickier, because a third of your bananas will be a Big Banana, which results in a +2/+2 minion.

    While it's annoying to buff your enemies every time you power up, it's best to lean towards that and make sure you're doing a few tricks every turn from three onwards.


    Infinite Toki offers a cheap upgrade with its Temporal Tavern Hero Power and also includes a minion from a superior tavern. This is useful everywhere, but is particularly useful once you reach the level five tavern, as it allows easy access to the level six tavern's minions.

    However, you can dig up anything, and the confidence to get good results is what limits Toki to a low level in our hearts.


    Refresh five times and the Tavern will always have seven minions to choose from. To yawn. Stay in Tavern Tier 2 a little longer and refresh your heart to get to the seven minions as quickly as possible.


    Millificent's Hero Power gives +1 / +1 for each mech that appears in the Tavern. As with any other Hero that forces you to take a specific path, you'll need to find certain mechs to transition to the endgame.

    Worse, Millificent's +1/+1 boost is largely irrelevant and scaling can be difficult.


    Ysera's passive adds a Dragon to the Tavern whenever it is upgraded. This makes it easier to play Dragons, but it doesn't guarantee that these bonus dragon cards will be top tier, so this is another one to put in the RNG deposit.


    N'Zoth makes you start the game with a 1/1 fish that wins all your deadly battles during combat. The fish is something of a trap: N'Zoth has a lot of value at the beginning of the game, but later on you may find that your Deathratlte minions often survive longer than your fish.

    This requires careful planning. When it starts, it's excellent, but it takes more work to get a win than many other heroes.



    Y'Shaarj looks strong as hell on paper, but in reality he's quite weak. While his skill isn't bad, as he can summon high-level minions in the tier five and six taverns, the fact that you need to keep a free space can be problematic.


    Elise used to be one of the best heroes in the game, but Blizzard's attempts at balance have left her in a sorry state. Now, you must avoid it.


    Overlord Saurfang has bitten the dust in Battle For Azeroth, and to be honest, he's not faring much better in the world of Hearthstone. His hero power, For the Horde!, allows him to give the next acquired minion an increasing amount of attack each turn.

    Unlike C'thun, it scales passively, meaning you don't have to tap every turn. However, while it looks great to have a board full of minions that hit hard, it's irrelevant if they don't have the health to survive a timid attack, nor a god shield to guarantee that extra value.

    Saurfang works best with Mechs, especially when Foe Reaver enters the equation. The same can be said for Cavern Hydra, as having a strong hit can single-handedly win a round if the opponent's taunt placement is suboptimal.

    the king of the rats

    The Rat King has an incredibly powerful passive ability. Its power grants +2 / +2 to all minions of a certain type when you buy them from the tavern.

    Here's the trick: the buffed minion type changes every turn. That means the Rat King relies on the love of the RNG to make it work, especially when a +2/+2 turn raise often wins the round, but you don't have the money to revamp your tavern.


    In fact, Malygos isn't as bad as some of the other Tier 4 heroes on the list. They're a little off-putting, they don't have the powers you get from other heroes.

    Malygos lets you reroll a minion each turn for free, replacing it with a minion of the same tavern level. This means you can reroll higher level minions to look for what you want, which can be very powerful.


    Pyramad will give a random unit +4 health for one gold. That's a big deal, but all it really does is increase your minions' survivability. Start using it right away on turn 2 and delay tavern upgrade and you can build up some early time that will help you dominate midgame.

    However, you are unlikely to win any games alone unless you find some offensive options.


    Flurgl's ability adds a minion to the tavern every time you sell a Murloc, but you still have to pay for it. You can build a solid Murloc comp here, but you could probably build a strong Murloc line without this power as well. Avoid.

    AF KAY

    AFK cannot buy minions in both game turns, but will discover two Tavern Tier 3 minions in turn three.

    If you don't get a pair of good minions during the power peak of turn three, you're screwed.


    Chenvaala is great on paper. Every time you play three elementals, upgrading your Tavern level is three cheaper.

    In reality, it's rarely worth it and you're stuck in an elemental deck. You can win with Chenvaala, but choosing this hero doesn't give you wiggle room of any kind, which means you'd often be better served with someone else.


    Eudora's Hero Power allows you to dig for a golden minion. Every five digs you get a gold minion of your current level and since it's a gold card it will also give you a find of your current level.

    Eudora doesn't have much strength, but to ensure you're getting the best out of this hero, you're going to want to use Hero Power every turn since turn two. After five digs, you'll get a golden minion and start again, which means you'll get your first free golden minion at turn six and your second at turn 11.


    Another hero that looks great on paper but is actually a bit mediocre, Brann's Hero Power allows him to freshen up the Tavern with Battlecry minions.

    This makes Brann great for Murlocs or Dragons, but he suffers the curse of many Tier 4 heroes: limited power.


    The healer starts with a 1/2 amalgam that is classified as part of each warband. That means you can buff him with any card, which means you can buff him with things like Poisonous, Divine Shield, and a bunch of others. However, Amalgam starts with 1/2 stats, and if those buffs don't show up then your Amalgam and the perks it brings are useless.


    Deathwing is simple: all minions have +2 attack because of Deathwing's passivity. Including your enemies. That means you need to have more minions on the board than your opponent.

    You'll also need to be careful with crossbow decks, as a swarm of rats or summoning Deathrattle can be a real pain.


    Stormrage's Hero Power gives you two bonus attacks at the start of battle: your left and right minions will attack before your opponent's first turn.

    To get the most out of it, you'll want Monstrous Macaw or Scallywag, which get stronger when attacking, Goldrinn, which increases its value by dying, or even just someone with Poison or Divine Shield.

    You can get a win with Illidan, but then again, there aren't many options.


    If we were ranking Battleground heroes by their sense of style, this top-hatted Murloc would be at the top. While he's not top tier in this guide, Deryl has a passive hero power that gives 1/1 to two random minions every time you sell a minion, making him a high skill-ceiling hero that might really be worth it. .

    This card can give you +1/+1 on the same minion twice, so you want to get into a situation where you only have one minion in the deck and then sell some stuff and substantially increase the remaining minion. This can give you a really nice power spike, but it requires a lot of quick clicks and quick decision making to make it work.


    Lich's ability allows you to exchange two life points for a coin card that you can lose later. That means you can give yourself an economic boost, but it's a high risk and medium reward. There are better odds if you like to live dangerously.


    Shudderwock allows you to trigger your next Battlecry twice for the low price of one coin. This can be useful for big Battlecry effects, allowing you to throw big buffs around, and can help you build a strong lineup. Even so, you will still need to find these Battlecry units and be careful to use them correctly.

    This won't work with Brann Bronzebeard, because essentially this hero power just mimics that effect.


    Fans of big angry red men will hate to find out that Lord Jaraxxus is in bad shape now. Despite having a Hero Power that only costs one coin and will give all demons on your board +1/+1, the demon tribe itself is on the weak side now.

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