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    Halo Infinite: How to win matches (tips and strategies)

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    As part of the Cyber ​​Showdown event, Halo Infinite has added Attrition as its newest game mode. These tips will help players achieve victory:

    With the Cyber ​​Showdown event underway, Halo Infinite introduced players to the newly added game mode, Attrition. The event game mode and event pass are free for all Halo Infinite players, but only for the limited time the event is active. 

    One of the fastest ways to advance in the Cyber ​​Showdown Event Pass is to complete its challenges and win Attrition matches.

    Attrition shares similarities with Halo Infinite's Slayer game mode. It starts as a standard 4v4 match with the goal of eliminating the enemy team. Where Attrition varies, however, is that each team only has a finite amount of lives they share.

    At the start of the game, both teams are given eight lives each, with one being consumed each time a team member reappears. The objective of the game mode is for one team to deplete the opposing team's pool of lives and eliminate them to win the round. The winner of Attrition is determined by the team that wins two of the three rounds.

    After depleting their lives, Halo Infinite squad members will leave behind glowing orbs where they died instead of respawning. Players can still revive their allies by locating the glowing orbs and interacting with them by pressing the cooldown control. 

    Even when they have no lives left to automatically respawn, it is still possible for a player to revive their entire squad to get back into the fight. But after all reserve lives are used up, there is a built-in timer. 

    If the round doesn't end before the time runs out, a red circle of energy appears on the map and slowly shrinks. Similar to Storm in Fortnite Battle Royale, this circle drains the health of those trapped in it and is intended to bring opposing teams closer to sudden death.

    How to Win Attrition Matches in Halo Infinite

    There are many ways to win multiplayer matches in Halo Infinite, but one of the most important things players can do is go in with a strategy in mind. 

    Given that Attrition is a team-based game mode, one of the best strategies is for players to stay close to their teammates. Whether charging with a few friends or alone, working as a team will give you a significant advantage and help players win more firefights.

    Here are some other tips and tricks for players to win Attrition matches in Halo Infinite:

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    play it safe

    In Attrition, each team only receives a certain number of respawns. Sticking with teammates and not getting caught out in the open will help preserve the team's lifespan.

    use the radar

    As with the other Halo Infinite game modes, information is key. Knowing where the enemy is coming from before actually seeing them will give players an edge in combat. Players should use radar whenever possible to get more information quickly.

    Ping Enemies

    Using the ping feature can help players communicate with their teammates. They can tell each other where enemies were last seen and prepare for combat.

    Power Weapons

    Players who maneuver around the map to collect Power Weapons will gain a significant advantage over the enemy team. Even when Power Weapons have not yet spawned, controlling the area where they spawn will ensure players pick them up. This also prevents weapons from falling into enemy hands.

    Guard Enemy Orbs 

    After the opposing team's health pool is depleted, defeated enemies will leave behind an orb instead of respawning. This orb also becomes visible to the opposing team. Players must guard orbs to prevent enemies from reviving their defeated allies.

    revive allies

    After losing their health pool, players should prioritize reviving their allies when they can. Doing so will bring allies back into the fight as quickly as possible and decrease the opposing team's advantage.

    Using these tips and tricks will help players win matches of Attrition in Halo Infinite. This will help them advance the free Halo Infinite Cyber ​​Showdown Event Pass and collect their limited-time synthetic wave rewards.

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