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    Halo Infinite: How to get to Starlight Squad (the easy way)

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    Halo Infinite is unlike any other entry as it allows players to explore Zeta Halo to rescue Marines like Starlight Squad as optional missions.

    Halo Infinite  is unlike any other entry as it allows players to explore Zeta Halo to rescue Marines like the Starlight Squad as optional missions. 

    Starlight Squad is located in the southern part of the Zeta Halo map, and these Marines can be rescued once players are able to explore the area. As players continue to progress through the campaign, they will unlock new areas and marines to rescue as well.

    Before players can make it to the Starlight Squad, they will have to progress enough through the Halo Infinite campaign to capture FOB Golf.

     After this quest has been completed, the initial part of the Zeta Halo map is accessible to players, allowing them to explore a fraction of the entire landscape of Halo Infinite. Capturing FOB Golf also unlocks weapon and vehicle requisitions, as well as the ability to fast travel in Halo Infinite.

    Sadly, Starlight Squad is not easy to get using a ground vehicle, but using Grappleshot players will get to Starlight Squad with ease anyway. After capturing the FOB Golf, head to the top of the mountain immediately south of Carrera Squad. 

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    There is a lone Jackal with a Stalker Rifle on top of the mountain, and with limited weapon availability, players must kill the Jackal and get his long-range plasma rifle. 

    The Stalker Rifle is a banned new weapon, classified as a sniper rifle, although it looks like a more powerful Covenant Carbine from previous Halo entries.

    How To Easily Reach The Starlight Squadron In Halo Infinite

    After defeating the lone Jackal, use the Grappleshot to reach the adjacent mountain top and continue south towards the Starlight Squad. Another small banished patrol is stationed at the peak of the mountain, and players must defeat it to collect more Stalker Rifle ammo. 

    Additionally, a Brute may have a Mangler, a new weapon in Halo Infinite that can quickly defeat enemies without shields. Keep moving forward until the cliff overlooking the Starlight Squad is reached. Using the Stalker Rifle, defeat as many banished soldiers as possible before jumping.

    There are plenty of weapons in the area to restock quickly, but the weapons players should grab are the Skewer and the VK78 Commando Rifle or the BR75. The Skewer can be used to take out the larger Banished troops instantly, while the Commando rifle allows players to take out many of the reinforcements with a single headshot. 

    Use the Grappleshot to gain height atop one of the Forerunner's tallest pillars and crouch for cover. Starlight Squad will launch immediately after all enemies are defeated, and players will have more Valor in Halo Infinite as well.

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