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    Halo Infinite: How to get the Ice Unicorn Emblem

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    The Ice Unicorn emblem has become highly sought after since it was made available. What is it, and how do you get your hands on one?

    Rare cosmetics are a joy in Halo Infinite, introducing you to a plethora of unique ways to spruce up your armor and arsenal. Since Yoroi Armor available through from Fracture events: Tenrai , right down to the pretty helmets and those pretty shoulder pads, there's little to complain about when it comes to Halo Infinite cosmetics. This is especially true now that it is clear that the 343 Industries aims to adjust ridiculous costs associated with them.

    The Ice Unicorn Emblem in Halo Infinite It's a cute little emblem that looks fantastic next to anything from the classic assault rifle (pictured above) to the DMR. I mean, who doesn't like a good li'l unicorn? They are handsome, elegant, sassy and look hopelessly mysterious next to a of the best weapons from Halo Infinite.

    What is Ice Unicorn?

    The Ice Unicorn is an emblem in Halo Infinite, applicable as a cosmetic item to be used on weapons. This Legendary Rarity emblem isn't based on any sort of deep level knowledge or anything, but it's a reward available when playing the game's multiplayer (more on that in a minute). 

    With that established, it's also worth noting that you can't pick up the Ice Unicorn Emblem in Halo Infinite Item Shop , no no Battle Pass or find one Mjolnir Locker na Halo Infinite Campaign.

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    Unlocking the Ice Unicorn Emblem

    To unlock the Ice Unicorn Emblem, the player must play a multiplayer match against a member of the 343 Industries development team. A coder, an artist, a writer, a director, whatever is possible. This may seem very difficult to achieve, but it is actually easier than you might think,

    343 Industries has held a few different Halo Infinite Community Playdates that are streamed live on the official Halo YouTube channel . You need to enter matchmaking while one of these Playdates is in operation and wait to be matched with a developer. 

    There's no way to guarantee that you'll be able to play with a member of the 343 Industries development team, but we recommend keeping an eye on the live stream and checking out their lobby members.

    The Ice Unicorn emblem will be added to your arsenal at the end of the match and can be equipped with a weapon or your armor. It looks really cool and symbolizes something really cool, but we want to give you a little warning before we go: remember that giving up lobbies can get you banned. 

    You don't want that to happen, so while trying to get the Ice Unicorn Emblem, don't forget to follow our guidelines on Halo Bans , how to appeal them and how to avoid them. Good luck, Spartans!

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