Halo Infinite: Harbinger Boss Guide (tips, tricks and strategies)

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Hey Guyss, how are you? Andrew Rangel (Twitch follows) here! Today we're going to talk about how to beat the Harbinger Boss, more precisely about how to increase your chances of succeeding, so without further ado, let's go!

The final boss fight of Halo Infinite with Harbinger has three phases, and players must use Sentinel Beam and Grappleshot to defeat the boss.

The final boss in Halo Infinite is the Harbinger as the final piece of the Silent Auditorium quest. Players can choose the difficulty between Legendary, Heroic, Normal and Easy. Normal and Easy difficulties will give players a greater variety of weapons and strategies to choose from. The Harbinger fight is in three distinct phases.  

Each of the three phases against Harbinger will begin with enemies banished from Halo Infinite. As enemies emerge, the door turns blue and Master Chief can start throwing grenades immediately when the door opens. 

For the first phase of the battle, there will be two rounds of banished soldiers to defeat. Once defeated, the room will change color as the golden light fades and the fight with Harbinger will begin.

Harbinger will primarily attack Master Chief with an energy orb that she will shoot like a beam, which will immediately kill the player on the hardest difficulty settings. Also, she will attack the player from behind, hitting them. Both attacks should be avoided if possible. 

The Sentinel Beam is probably the best phase one weapon to use against her as it will remove her shields. Players can damage it until the shield drops. The Halo Infinite Grappleshot is an effective weapon against the highest ledge Harbinger and players can swing to gain distance and make higher shots.

Halo Infinite Harbinger Boss Fighting Phases

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Once players defeat Harbinger in the first phase of the boss fight, they will again have to fend off multiple waves of banished enemies. 

Once the golden light in the room has dissipated, all lower level enemies have been defeated and the Harbinger will return for round two. For this round, she will move faster and her orb will fire two energy beams instead of just one. Players must use their upgraded Thruster or Grappleshot to dodge its attacks.

For offense, Sentinel Beam is more effective than grenades, as the Harbinger moves quickly around the arena. 

Halo Infinite's Fusion Coils can also be used to deal damage. Again, the player will need to break her shields and can damage her once the shields are lowered and before she respawns in the center of the room. Once defeated, the third turn will begin.

Before Harbinger himself enters the third phase of the fight, players will have to face the most challenging wave of banished enemies yet. This wave will include a Brute Chieftain with a Halo Infinite Gravity Hammer that will use a jump and collision attack. 

Players will have the best chance of surviving this wave if they save the Brute Chieftain for last. Hardlight Coils are effective at taking out groups of enemies as they explode with projectiles and hit any nearby enemies. For the Brute Chieftain, players will want to use Grappleshot.

After defeating the banished enemies, players will face Harbinger for the final stage. The Harbinger will again be using his orb to try and shoot the Master Chief with beams and energy, and players must find cover under the ramp. 

From this location, players can shoot the Harbinger, likely with the Sentinel Beam to maximize damage. Breaking his shield will end the final boss fight.

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