Halo and Super Mario Crossover Art Could Be More Evidence of Xbox and Nintendo Collaboration

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New official Halo and Super Mario cross art has been posted on Halo's Instagram page and could be evidence of collaborations to come.

More evidence points to a possible collaboration between Nintendo and Xbox. An official artwork has just been shared on the Instagram page of Halo and features characters from the Super Mario universe. Whether this is just fun and games or something else remains to be determined, but it could be pointing to some sort of collaboration between Xbox or Halo and Nintendo or Mario.

Nintendo and Xbox have been playing well in recent years, from Microsoft's publication of Minecraft Dungeons on Nintendo Switch to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bringing Banjo-Kazooie to the roster, characters now owned by Microsoft. The art that was just shared on Instagram itself is quite remarkable, as characters from the Mushroom Kingdom and even Donkey Kong are seen wearing Halo gear and weapons.

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In the image, Mario appears to be wearing Spartan gear while holding the games' iconic pistol and assault rifle. Bowser is dressed as an Elite and is holding an Energy Sword. Donkey Kong has just broken through a wall and is using a Gravity Hammer. And even a Koopa Troopa looks like a Halo Grunt. With the art being posted to Halo's official Instagram, the question arises as to whether this is a hint of what's to come. Perhaps some sort of crossover could be announced at E3. But this can also simply be a silly, fun piece of art. That said, Nintendo would likely have to "approve" the art before publishing it too.

A few days ago, the rumor really started to swirl when a leak teased that Nintendo and Microsoft had made a big deal, which would be officially revealed later this year. According to that report, fans won't know the details of what happened until fall 2021.

All these rumors and rumors should be interpreted with caution for now, but the old “where there's smoke, there's fire” analogy often holds true, and evidence is starting to pile up that something is going on behind the scenes between Nintendo and Nintendo. Microsoft. Interestingly, Microsoft has tried to buy Nintendo in the past, in what would have been a joint venture; this offer was “mocked” by Nintendo.

Since then, however, the two video game giants seem to have become at least relatively close in terms of a working partnership for collaborations and deals. So be the Master Chief in Super Smash Bros. Ultimat e, a Nintendo game on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass on Switch, something entirely different, or nothing at all is certainly interesting to speculate about.



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