Guitar Hero X Rock Band. Which one is the best?

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Anyone who is a fan of games has certainly heard of these names, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but which one is the best?

Both are very famous in the world of games and have fans in the world of rock n roll, who love to feel like famous guitarists playing the greatest hits in the history of music. Each game has its particularities, so it is worth understanding a little more about them. If you don't like rock bars, but enjoy playing like a rock star, there's no shortage of options.

Based on this, Here are some features for you to find out if you prefer guitar hero or rock band. Check it out!


When it comes to the amount of songs in the most recent versions of the two games, Guitar Hero has 83 and Rock Band has 93. Although this does not make much difference in practice, since it is possible to rescue songs from other versions and buy new ones, it is a point to consider.

Além disso, Rock Band strays a little from the metal classics, which are evidenced in Guitar Hero. In it, you can find songs by artists such as Amy Winehouse and even Elton John.

game design

Guitar Hero is for those who consider the game something special for rockers on duty and is proud to call itself that. This because the game is all built on this metal theme, showing very classic features. Leather jackets, lightning bolts, men with long hair and swords are all very common.

In Rock Band it is possible to find a wider range of possibilities, being able to change the character's appearance and clothes. In addition, the other environments are also more compatible with our current scenario, with much more modern icons.

game instruments

When it comes to this type of game, a factor that weighs a lot are the accessories used.

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In the latest version of Guitar Hero the guitar released is very similar to the old one, not bringing many innovations. In the new version of Rock Band, the guitar created is very different and has 102 buttons, that simulate the chords on a real instrument.

These characteristics can be good or bad. If you're not willing to spend a good amount of money, having to buy a new guitar to be on top of all the game's features isn't cool.

However, if you prefer to pay more and have your entertainment guaranteed, there are plenty of new things to discover in Rock Band.

It is worth mentioning that as much as both games have new guitars, it is possible to use the old ones in the current versions and enjoy the game in the same way.


The game's plot remains not the main focus of both options. In Rock Band, you can find short stories that talk about a band's tour and some challenges.

The story of Guitar Hero is a little more elaborate, talking about a demigod of rock, who needs to beat a robot using music.

In the new version of Rock Band there is a “pro” option, which aims to teach the player to play a real guitar. However, it gets a little boring as it involves reading numbers and rules.

Each person has their own taste and for this reason it is impossible to choose one game better than another. Therefore, it is worth analyzing the one that best fits your preferences and start playing!

Title: Guitar hero x rock band. Which one is the best?

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Description: Once again the eternal war over Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Discover the features of the new versions and choose your favorite.

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