Guardians of the Galaxy will have players create motivational speeches

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We got a ton of details on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy at Square Enix's E3 showcase. The game received a great deal of prominence, taking up half the runtime of the live stream. There were insights from the team behind it, a trailer and a game demo complete the full kit and caboodle.

Even with all these details, there were still no doubts about how the single-player game works. The demo offered a comprehensive overview of everything from dialogue options to combat, but there are a lot of little systems to explore.

In a roundtable interview, Senior Producer Olivier Proulx and Game Director Patrick Fortier delved into how the squadron control system works. They also revealed some previously unrevealed features like crafting and grouping systems.

Solo team game

Perhaps the most surprising detail about Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy  is that it is a game for one player. Players only control Star-Lord directly and issue commands to teammates à la Mass Effect. Considering the nature of the team-based franchise, this might seem complicated at first.

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While there were some initial debates about how the game should work, the choice to make it a single-player experience was decided very early on. The game features "solo team play," which brings up the theme of teamwork in a very different way than a multiplayer title, according to Patrick Fortier.

“If we incorporate Peter, we can experience teamwork from a different point of view,” says Fortier. “In real life, when you're part of a team, you don't control the team. You have to negotiate with your team. That dynamic felt like we could exploit that if we made this game more single-player. But ultimately it feels like a whole thing, because Guardians are present in every single thing. ”

On how team control works, Fortier explains that players have a dedicated Guardian button. Pressing it opens an overlay where players can select a character and then a skill via the face buttons (Star-Lord has its own skill menu too). Each character has a different independent cooldown timer, so players need to manage when they call people. Each character also has their own specialty.

“Rocket is our ranged man. He can shoot enemies that are higher and further away,” says Fortier. “Groot is more defensive. He can immobilize characters and push them back. Drax is a fighter who faces many enemies, sometimes too many. It does staggering damage, which you need to do a few times before it starts to deplete certain enemies' health bar. And then Gamora is closer; she deals the most damage to an enemy with her blade. "

The most fun teamwork mechanic is the game's Huddle system. As players fight, they increase a boost meter. Pressing a button allows players to expend momentum to trigger a football scramble with the team in battle. Star-Lord can essentially give the team a morale boost

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