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    Guardians of the Galaxy: How to Unlock All Outfits | Collectible locations guide

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    Os Guardians of the Galaxy have a ' passion of fashion ' in his latest game, there are 45 costumes in total for Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and all the rest. 

    That means there is 9 fantasies not total for each character, and there are some deep comic cuts for these already obscure characters. Even for fans who have no idea what these costumes are referencing, they are still fantastic. And we have text locations explaining how to get them all.

    Guardians of the Galaxy is an all-new third-person shooter from the team behind Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, putting you in direct control of Star-Lord as he takes on a new intergalactic threat. 

    Source: IGN

    This isn't a direct adaptation of the MCU, but it takes more than a few hints from the blockbuster film series, while also dumping even more of the original Marvel Comics lore. Fans looking for even stranger namedrops will be in heaven with the reveal of the big bad.


    Find all 45 outfits to unlock the achievement/trophy' passion of fashion '. Only 30 of the clothes are hidden. 15 outfits will automatically unlock as you complete the story. To unlock the achievement/trophy, make sure you put on all the different outfits at least once for each character.

    Chapter 1

    • Rocket: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) â€“ Right at the beginning of the chapter, after sliding down the ramp, Rocket will explain which direction you need to go (to the left), but ignore him. Go right and drop down to a hidden ledge.
    • Groot: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - When you regroup with Groot inside the ship and Rocket talks about the cleanest robot swarm you've seen, look for a hole in the wall directly to your right made of pink resin. Crawl through it to find this collectible.

    Chapter 2

    • Star-Lord: Nova Lord â€“ During the sequence where you are walking with Nikki through the tunnels, you will help her push a crate to block the fire. There's a section of the wall missing just ahead. Crawl for it.

    Chapter 3

    • Gamora: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) â€“ In the jungles, Gamora will comment that “something big” moved through this area after jumping through the lowered wing. Stay on the right wall until you find a path that leads to a small hole you can crawl through.
      • Inside the cave, break the eggs that explode and defeat the jelly guys. Keep going until you have to squeeze through a narrow passage. On the way up, you'll find the clothes container.
    • Groot: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse â€“ In the rocky section of the jungle where you fight the ice-tailed monsters and collect the cage – order Groot to create a bridge across the rocky ledge, then break the wall around the left corner.
      • Inside the small cave, freeze the water geyser to create a platform and reach this clothing container.

    Chapter 4

    • Drax: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) â€“ ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU CHOOSE “SELL GROOT”. In the huge chamber where you're looking for a switch and the team discuss Lady Hellbender (and her ability to magically activate elevators), run around to the left. It's a long journey, so keep running until you find this container.
      • OPTIONAL PATH â€“ ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU CHOOSE “SELL ROCKET”. When the red laser wall approaches and your team has to take cover, follow it and go through the narrow crate passage. The Guardians will go to the left through a door - go ahead and jump across the platforms.
    • Rocket: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse â€“ ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU CHOOSE “SELL GROOT”. After taking an elevator down into a room full of stuff, and your team talking about being "almost there", jump over the table on the right, then sneak under the crates.
      • OPTIONAL PATH â€“ ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU CHOOSE “SELL ROCKET”. In the sewers filled with thigh-high water, the team will fight for Groot. When navigating the tunnel, look for an optional path on your left. There's a dead end (blocked by white lasers) with a box of clothes.
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    Chapter 5

    • Drax: Nova Corps â€“ While in the waiting room, Rocket will yell at the “Gold Domes” about delivering money. Enter the corner office and shoot the vent - send Rocket to start the energy redirection puzzle.
      • Unlock the door to the left of the office with the vent (the bathroom) to get this costume container.
    • Large: Nova Corps â€“ After leaving Hangar Bay, you will come to a corridor where the Nova Corpsman announces that “No one must escape”. you will need to climb through a hole in the ceiling. Before going up, go to the end of the hall and grab this costume.

    Chapter 6

    • Star-Lord: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) â€“ In the huge city, you will need to get to the Cosmo Security Tower. Go right, up the stairs to the food market and find the stairs on the left that lead to a small pavilion. Jump on the red pipes and check under this set of stairs.

    Chapter 7

    • Rocket: Nova Corps - In the huge circular chamber with the NOVA CORPS Power Core in the center, after lifting the elevator and getting stuck in place, run into the room where there is a high balcony on the left. Ask Groot to boost a platform so you can reach the balcony and crawl through the vent.
      • Through the opening is an energy redirection puzzle. Use it to open the door to the small room below to the right.
    • Gamora: Nova Corps - When the Guardians are discussing Nikki (about whether she is alive or dead) on the stairs, go down the stairs until you reach the electrified water. Deactivate the electrical panel and order Gamora to cut the pipes.

    Chapter 8

    • Star-Lord: Bad-Lord â€“ After dropping into the strange “Reactor Coolant” and crawling through the vent, order Drax to lift the giant container to the right and place it directly over the vent we just passed through. Go up and you'll find a costume container at the top.
    • Drax: Cage Match - On the skiff overlooking the giant Converted encounter, it will finally land in a bay near the outside of the ship. Before going through the door, he circles to the back of the bay.

    Chapter 10

    • Gamora: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse â€“ While at the very beginning of the cave with Mantis, the crystal bridge will break in a cave-in. At the top you'll reach a waterfall - check behind the waterfall to find a treasure.
    • Rocket: Hero of Halfworld - In the red rock cave where you find the rock tank monsters, find a cave passage on the right side with a visible crack in the stone face - order Rocket to crawl through it. The rocket will set an explosive charge to break through the cracked rock wall.
      • On the other side, crawl through the narrow passage and shoot the poison emitters. Don't break the eggs on the left. Instead, ask Groot to raise the platform. Climb up and swing along the ledge to finally reach the costume container.
    • Groot: Annihilation: Conquest Suit - In the pitch black cave, Groot will generate light to help you navigate. This one is tricky – after exiting the narrow cave, in the larger room, stick to the right wall until you find a tiny path in the rocks that Star-Lord can squeeze into.

    Chapter 12

    • Drax: Thanos Imperative - In the cargo bay where you fight your first battle against the cult, order Drax to pull out the yellow cargo container under one of the engines. Climb up and then jump jump to the tall yellow container with this clothes chest.
    • Rocket: The Smuggler â€“ running through the abandoned market – the first area you will reach after going down the elevator and where you will fight your second battle. Go to the bottom and destroy the wall on the right with the Wind Element to knock the wall down. The wall is to the right of the narrow passage you need to squeeze through.
    • Groot: Impaler - As you crawl along the narrow ledge and around a coil of giant cables/tubes, you'll meet up with Groot and the others. Instead of moving forward, look to your left for a moat – on the other side, Star-Lord can pull back the wall and reveal a passageway. Ask Groot to create a root bridge.
      • Shoot to open the door and send Rocket into the vent near the electrified area. The costume container is on the other side.
      • This collectible is found before battle, where Gamora unlocks her Ultimate Ability. Once you get to that point, you've gone too far.
    • Gamora: Casual Kill - In the "Cross The Rooftops" objective, you will eventually find a cracked floor that Drax can break. Swipe down and immediately turn around to find a path Star-Lord can crawl onto.
      • You will find this ground cracked after completing a big battle by crossing the destroyed bridge.
    • Star-Lord: Apocalypse-Lord - In the gray pile of brain dust, after the big fight, break the cracked wall and order Drax to move a giant container to the blue marker so you can climb the broken bridge. At the top, circle around to a scratched wall that Gamora can cling to.
      • Order Gamora to hang on the wall, then jump to the highest ledge above. There's a costume container here.

    Chapter 13

    • Gamora: Black Vortex â€“ At the beginning, you will move towards a wall of ice after crossing a frozen lake – this is after finding the hunting markers. To the right of the ice wall in the first monster arena, you'll find a scratched wall that Gamora can cling to. Climb up and take a boost jump to the tower with the costume container.
    • Groot: Five O’Clock Sprouts â€“ After the first encounter with the snow worms, crawl and cross the Groot Bridge. Shimmy to the right and enter a cave. Instead of going left, look for a dark alcove on the right - inside the cave you'll find poison gas emitters.
    • Star-Lord: War-Lord â€“ In the red stone cave you will enter after unlocking the Fire Element, you will need to shoot the ice crystals to drop a platform and cross the gap. Once you've crossed it twice, there's another platform you can drop down from the ceiling just ahead to the left. Knock him down and use Groot to lift him up.
      • From the raised platform, you can jump to another small cave.
    • Rocket: The Stinger â€“ As soon as you enter the forest-like area after hearing the Wendigo roar, look to your left for raised rocks blocked by three plants. Burn all three to reach the high ledge with a costume container and more collectibles.
    • Drax: Katathian Monk - Reach the burnt village, then go down the ice slide into the frozen cave. At the bottom, look on the left side for a raised rocky ledge. Pass the poisonous plants and reach the top to get the costume container.

    Chapter 14

    • Star-Lord: Team-Lord â€“ In the long passage where you have to protect yourself from the fan wind, reach the end (next) and turn around. There is a raised platform that Star-Lord can reach. Boost-jump up and to the opposite side to find this costume container.
    • Drax: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse â€“ As soon as you go outside the ship for the third time, the area will be bombed and partially destroyed. Travel through the gaps and Groot will create a bridge. After crossing the Groot Bridge, look for an optional path that leads to a wall of ice. Melt the ice and climb to the top.
    • Gamora: Chosen Daughter â€“ After breaching the main section of the ship and traveling through the mine, Star-Lord will need to freeze the geyser in order to cross. This is right after the brief scuffle with the “security inspectors” dialogue. Jump onto the ice platform and look to the left. There are more geysers you can freeze - go through all the ice platforms to find a room full of treasure.
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