GTA V forces you to kill around 700 characters to complete Story Mode

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Source: Rockstar

That Rockstar kicked the bucket and made GTA V a hallmark of its violence is undeniable. However, no one knew how cruel the title could be. A YouTuber decided to check the minimum count to clear the story mode and if you thought there were few people, you'll fall out of your chair: you'll have to commit 726 murders during the adventure to complete the game.

The number was reached by fulfilling the lowest number required to perform missions, such as “Kill XX bandits” from certain locations or performing the task of going after specific targets and having to eliminate one or the other to ensure your success. Obviously, that's without taking your car to hit pedestrians or serious accidents that involved shooting at local police.

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Although everyone knows Trevor Philips as a homicide maniac in GTA V, he doesn't have the most blood on his hands. While he has to eliminate 258 people, Michael is left with 172 kills and the champion is Franklin, who killed 295 characters while traveling through the city of Los Santos. Let there be a cemetery for so many people they put in the virtual coffin.

And if you think the Rockstar if shaken, that's the least. A sixth chapter of the Grand Theft Auto franchise is already in production and has been confirmed by the producer, despite not even having a date to arrive on desktop consoles. Nobody even knows if it will be their next game, with other rumors pointing to the return of Bully and Max Payne.

While we wait, GTA V continues to be a resounding success. The game sold 135 million units worldwide in 2020 and guaranteed that it will bring more content in 2021. It's only fair, since we've been waiting for 8 years for a new release in the series.

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