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    GTA Online: Players are using tanks and helicopters to hoist the submarine out of the sea

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    The players of GTA Online are vying to be the first to successfully lift the submarine out of the water. This can be done?

    It turns out that the submarine GTA Online can be pulled from the sea, although we don't exactly consider it a success story yet.

    When a game has been on the market for eight years and is played by over 100 million people , you would think that everything it has to offer would have been seen. 

    As GTA 5 continues to prove, that's definitely not the case. The final shocking scene involves a tank tethered to a helicopter and a submarine rising majestically from the ocean.

    Well, perhaps majestically is not the correct descriptor here. The scene below is more chaotic than beautiful. the player of GTA Online thepirateman493_YT is responsible. 

    Its clip shows the attempt to pull the GTA submarine out of the water and likely land it on land. Or fly over Los Santos. Imagine watching this while trying to complete a heist or make your GTA day.

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    We found a way to lift the Submarine. It ends up just as great as you can imagine. from gtaonline

    Everything seems to be going so smoothly as the player hooks the tank under one of the submarine's fins and moves it around with relative ease. It's when it comes to moving the massive vehicle uphill instead of into the water that things start to go wrong. 

    Once out of the water, the weight of the submarine unbalances everything, flipping the helicopter and tank and launching the submarine through the air.

    All three vehicles explode, killing everyone inside them, as well as some NPC's with little vision. The failed attempt generated competition among the community GTA Online. The comment thread below the original video is full of suggestions as to how the feat could be successfully accomplished. 

    Some suggested first moving the submarine away from the pier, while others pointed out that another player with a helicopter and a tank could balance it all out.

    We have yet to see a clip of the submarine being successfully lifted, or a submarine flying through the air during gameplay. The race to raise the substitute is another thing that football players GTA can occupy themselves while they continue to wait eternally for any kind of news related to the still theoretical GTA 6.

    You can also replay a player's story in the game while trying to kill as few people as possible. Apparently, it's impossible to do that without leaving at least 726 bodies in its wake.

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