GTA Online: How to Find (and Kill) the Slashers

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Slashers are roaming Los Santos and Blaine County in GTA Online's Halloween event, and it's up to players to find and eliminate them.

Slashers are roaming Los Santos and Blaine County in Grand Theft Auto Online , and it's up to the players to take them down. As part of GTA Online's Halloween 2021 event, these dangerous NPCs with weapons will appear on the map. If players manage to defeat all four, they will receive a limited-edition t-shirt for their character.

The four slashers in the GTA Online Halloween event are each themed after a famous horror movie antagonist and include Slasher, Psycho, Driver and Clown. Each of these NPCs spawn in a unique area of ​​the map. Players will need to find each one and hit a straight RPG to kill them.

There are certain requirements players must meet before Slashers appear. Players must be in Free Roam mode outside a building, they must be in session for at least 16 minutes (or eight hours in-game), they must be on foot or in a standard vehicle, in-game time must be between 21pm and 5am, and they must be in one of the spawn areas designated for the specific Slasher. 

Once all these conditions are met, players just need to explore the spawn area until they bump into the Slasher they're looking for.

How to Find Slashers in GTA Online

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Each of the four GTA Online Slashers has a unique spawn area on the map. The Slasher, based on Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, spawns across almost the entire northern area of ​​the map, from Paleto Bay to the middle of Mount Josiah and the northern cusp of Sandy Shores. The Slasher has the largest spawning area, and players may have the best luck finding it by driving around Mount Chiliad or Grapeseed.

The Psycho, based on Michael Myers from Halloween, spawns in four areas around the central and eastern regions of the map. This includes part of Great Chaparral and Harmony, Tongva Hills, Richman and Vinewood Hills. Players should be careful not to accidentally leave spawn areas when looking for Psycho.

Driver has the smallest spawn area of ​​all Slashers, with only two small spawn points. One is the southwest neighborhood of Harmony, while the other is in La Puerta. As these areas are small, players can find this NPC more easily than others, as long as they are in the right place.

Lastly, the Clown, based on It's Pennywise, also has a large spawning area, spanning the entire urban region of Los Santos. Some of Clown's spawn areas overlap with those of Driver and Psycho, so players can spend time in this area to look for multiple Slashers at once.

When players approach a Slasher in GTA Online, they will hear an ominous sound accompanied by a flash on their Minimap. 

Then, players will be able to see a red dot indicating the Slasher's location on their map. While Slashers have high health and require direct RPG attacks to take down, players will be rewarded with a rare Twilight Knife T-shirt as a gift for winning fights with them.

Grand Theft Auto Online já is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S planned for March 2022.

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