GTA Online Executive Offices on Sale for Half This Week

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This week's deal in GTA Online makes purchasing Executive Offices with related upgrades twice as simple, cutting prices by 50%.

As of today, players from Grand Theft Auto Online can secure Executive Offices for only half the original price, thanks to the currently active sale. Rockstar effectively keeps audiences engaged by regularly featuring attractive discounts, generous rewards, and in-game events capable of bringing back missing players.

GTA Online's previous weekly update, for example, allowed players to receive a satisfying $100.000 bonus for completing mobile operations missions. On top of that, finishing these tasks also rewarded players with Double GTA$ and RP, which was a pretty generous offer considering the amount of money already included in the bonus. All payments should reach players' Maze Bank accounts this week. In addition, Rockstar has introduced several discounts, including reduced prices for some of the properties and weapon upgrades.

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Rockstar announced that this week's deal with GTA Online has halved the prices of the Executive Offices, along with all of their respective updates and modifications. Players can also expect double GTA$ and RP working on special vehicles, which can be launched directly from the CEO's computers located in a newly acquired executive office. Triple rewards await players for competing in target assault races and motor wars. Another batch of additional rewards is offered through participating in trade battles that can result in double the normal value of GTA$ and RP. Those looking to expand their parking can take advantage of 30-40% discounts on armored vehicles. And as usual, the simplest task of logging into the game grants you some free rewards, which include a White Vom Feur Hoodie for everyone and a Galaxy paint job for Tier 100 and higher Anti-Aircraft Trailer owners.

Despite GTA Online's continued support of in-game events and activities, the Los Santos map itself has remained largely intact for eight years. There have been small additions, like bunker entrances here and there, but overall, the island is still pretty much the same. After all these years, players are able to share their insights from each area of ​​the map unchanged. Some areas are less populated, while others are extremely dangerous, and this drastic difference was recently highlighted by a GTA Online player who ranked all the top locations in Los Santos.

Rockstar offers for GTA Online players are never random, as they subtly encourage players to invest their time in specifically featured activities. This week's focus is on Executive Offices, which grant access to rewarding missions like the aforementioned Special Vehicle Job. It's not like these tasks are being completely ignored by players, but the missions likely needed a slight boost in popularity through Rockstar's discreet guidance. At the same time, the company promotes additional expenses, thus ensuring that GTA Online keep generating massive revenue.

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