GTA Online: All Lucky Wheel Casino Mystery Rewards Revealed

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Grand Theft Auto Online players can win a wide variety of different prizes on the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel, but if you're lucky enough, you could win one of the mystery rewards.  

While many players GTA Online are visiting the casino to stake their gambling dollars in hopes of hitting some mega wins at the tables, betting on horses or even the slot machines – the Lucky Wheel presents a different opportunity and has quickly become a very popular feature.

There are a wide variety of mystery rewards in the game that can be collected from it, completely free of charge, and everyone gets a spin every time they visit the in-game casino. 

Whether you're looking for some extra cash or just want to try your luck by winning the podium car, then Lucky Wheel can reward you with both and more.

Rockstar Games

Wheel of Fortune in GTA Online can be more profitable than playing any of the other casino games.

All Mystery Rewards in GTA Online Casino

Once a day, players can enter the casino and spin the wheel, completely free of charge, for a chance to win an incredible prize. Obtaining a mysterious reward may be small, however, with chances of measly 5% . When trying your luck on the Wheel of Fortune, and if you reach the Mystery prize, there are different types of useful rewards you can get, which we have listed below:

  • Ammunition
  • armor
  • casino chips
  • Clothing
  • Money
  • RP
  • Snacks
  • Special Cargo
  • Refills for these companies: Bunker, MC Businesses or your Warehouse
  • Vehicles

GTA Online Podium Vehicles

In addition to the already fantastic offers you can claim via mystery rewards, many players will likely be thrilled with the vehicle rewards .

Typically, the podium car presented is your best bet for getting a new and attractive vehicle, but there is only one vehicle obtainable through this method that cannot be purchased through other means, and that is the Lost Slamvan . However, it will take some time for you to control yourself as it has a devastatingly unlikely chance of 1 on 20.000 to appear.

The last car on the podium presented at the casino was the Entity FX , which was made available on June 10. However, this absolutely stunning car must be run in June 16 , so you'll probably cross your fingers for the lucky wheel instead, head over to the mystery rewards section to get some new wheels.

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Rockstar Games

The last available reward comes in this amazing teal color.

Complete list of GTA Online Casino Lucky Wheel Mystery Rewards (vehicles)

The Podium Vehicle is not a mystery reward, and as such it is not the only method of getting a new ride. Mystery prizes can also give you one.

Those looking to fill their in-game garages with all the Lucky Wheel vehicle rewards available will have to fight their way through more than 100 awards ranging from Bike a carros , motorcycles e aircraft many different .

We've put together a list of all the amazing rewards you can currently have on hand. As more items are potentially added, we will update this table accordingly:

9FDefileIntruderfast gtvoltic
Akumathe devilissiRat-TruckVoodoo
AlfaDodoIssi ClassicRedwood GauntletWashington
Ballsdouble TJB700RocketVolticZion Convertible
ghostdukesJesterRuffianZombie Bobber
Frame 801EnduroJester (race car)ruiner??
Bat 801RREsskeyjetmaxRuston??
BF injection ???copyKalahariSabre turbo??
biftaFactiondesiccationSanchez Livery??
Fact SheetFagaloaLost Slamvanschafter??
BlazerBeechmammatusSchafer V12??
Shining CompactSport BeechChannelBurner??
BMXRCF 1000Marquisseashark??
corsairFelon GTMassacro (race car)slamvan??
BuffalofeltzerMerryweather MesaSqualo??
Burger Shot StallionFugitiveMonroeStreet Blazer??
Carbon RSFurore GTmoon rayFeat??
CheburekMittenNightbladeSuper diamond??
ChinoGlendaleOracle XSSurat??
KnowingGrotti Turismo RpantoTampa??
Knowing CabrioHakuchouPatriotTornado??
CometaHeist DinghyPCJ-600Tornado Rat Rod??
9F convertibleWitcherPenumbraBulls??
convertible fast GTHot Rod BlazerPicadorTri-Cycles Racing Bike??
Coquette classicimpalerPißwasser DominatorThe veil??
CruiserThe gravePrairieVirgin??
Cuban 800Infernus ClassicPrimoVirgo Classic??

(Source: Pastebin)

Rockstar Games

There may be some amazing supercars to be won in the GTA Online Casino, but we all know you want a Dodo from this list!

As noted earlier, players only have an opportunity of turning the Wheel of Fortune to every 24 hours of real life . That means you'll want to log in once a day, especially if you want to have the best chances of securing the last car on the podium.

However, if you want to make some quick cash in GTA online, there are some tips and tricks you can follow.

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