GTA 6 on Netflix 'Teaser' is Bizarre

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Netflix France's fake announcement of GTA – Grand Theft Auto 6 leaves many fans of the franchise scratching their heads.

There are rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6  It's been in development for some time, but it hasn't been officially announced yet. That didn't stop Netflix France from tweeting on Tuesday that Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming, revealing moments later that the announcement was a cheeky joke. It was a strange twist that left many fans wondering why the streaming giant would have bothered to play such a strange prank.

What makes the discussion even weirder is that Netflix's social media accounts typically feature their own shows and movies. It seems that Netflix has nothing to gain by touting content it doesn't, let alone a title from an entirely different medium.

En gros, GTA VI, c'est prochainement quoi.

— Netflix France (@NetflixFR) April 13, 2021

Neflix France's original tweet translates to "Basically, GTA 6 is coming." When asked when that would happen, the account replied, "Between today and the end of the world, we'll see." It was an odd response that didn't seem to have an obvious purpose. At best, it was another example of a corporate Twitter account taking on a playful personality to make the company look more in-depth.

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Some tweet replies provide some context. “Prochainement” meaning “coming soon” is a running gag on the Netflix France account, similar to Blizzard’s infamous Soon™. Whenever someone asks the account when a certain movie or TV show is coming out, Netflix responds, “Prochainement” if no date has been announced.

Taking that into account, the tweet feels more like a self-referential joke made at the expense of Rockstar's unannounced sequel. Another way of translating would be, “You know what else 'Coming soon?' GTA 6 ! The implication is that Grand Theft Auto 6 has become this generation's Half-Life 3: There were always rumors that it was on the way, but it never got to see a release.

Unfortunately, this tweet doesn't seem to be an allusion to anything new from Netflix or Rockstar. While Netflix has produced some movies and TV shows based on video games, it has not indicated any intention to start offering video games. If that were the case, it would have been announced with much more fanfare than a single tweet from one of Netflix's many Twitter accounts. Considering Grand Theft Auto 6 hasn't even been announced yet, it would be an odd title for Netflix to make any promises.

Rumors surfaced last fall about a Grand Theft Auto movie that may be in development, but there's been little information since then. The movie would likely be a standalone title and would have little to do with GTA 6. Even if it is being done, Netflix is ​​not confirmed to be involved.

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