Grand Theft Auto 6 fans have an interesting theory about the “leaked” map

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Grand Theft Auto fans offer new speculation about allegedly leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 map images as early as 2018.

While Rockstar traditionally does not attend E3 or other late spring and summer events, the Grand Theft Auto loves to participate in all speculations. With Grand Theft Auto 5 aging and reports of ongoing development for Grand Theft Auto 6 increasing, fans can't help but wonder what's next. As an example of where Grand Theft Auto fans are right now, the community is re-evaluating an alleged GTA 6 map leak dating back to 2016, with a new theory emerging about its relationship to Rio de Janeiro.

In 2018, several images were shared showing multiple islands scattered across a large body of water. Only one of these images showed a detailed part of the map, including a section that was said to be Vice City. The rest of the map looked like it was done in MS Paint. Two years later, a separate image was leaked showing one of these MS Paint islands in similar detail to the initial image depiction of Vice City. The veracity of these images has remained a topic of speculation ever since.

The latest example of the Grand Theft Auto community's evolving rant over these allegedly leaked images dropped on Reddit's GTA 6 subreddit last week. User Boastful_Clown takes a look at the latest image from 2020, showing an updated and detailed image of an island. This user claims to believe that this island was made to represent the Grand Theft Auto version of Rio de Janeiro, pointing out some important locations in the image and comparing them to a real map of the Brazilian city.

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More specifically, Redditor starts with a circle of what could be Grand Theft Auto 6's version of the famous Christ the Redeemer Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro overlooking the city. Other points of comparison include Rio de Janeiro's inland lagoon, the Cagarras Islands archipelago and Santos Dumont airport. The Redditor claims that the existence of these visible landmarks in the leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 image implies that Rockstar is making a city based in Rio de Janeiro.

The biggest problem with Redditor's claims remains the possibility that these images were all faked. Perhaps the artist who created the fake images used Rio de Janeiro as inspiration for the leak. Or maybe it's an entirely wasted effort, the GTA 6 screenshots are fake and there's no real connection to Rio de Janerio.

Grand Theft Auto fans can't help but wonder, "What if it's real?" However. It is possible that the images are authentic and that GTA 6 takes place in a large body of water with separate islands for Liberty City and a new area based on Rio de Janerio. Fans will just have to wait for Rockstar to officially announce Grand Theft Auto 6, but when and where that will happen remains the biggest mystery of all.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently under development.

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