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    God of War: Ragnarok's Biggest Threat May Not Be Thor

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    A lot of groundwork went into the God of War: Ragnarok sequel, but while Thor likely has a big role, he might not be the biggest threat.

    In terms of what was officially revealed to God of War: Ragnarok , there is very little. 

    The short teaser didn't even confirm a suitable title for the game, so whatever it's officially called finds itself in something of a marketing limbo. 

    It's not even certain that God of War: Ragnarok will hit its 2021 release date. 

    Fortunately, however, the lore surrounding the new game is already quite deep, and fans know that the game will likely feature Thor quite extensively.

    Thor, which was made very clear in the first game, is a monster. 

    According to Mimir's lore and discussions, he is cruel, extremely angry, brutal, and sadistic. His bloodlust is said to be even greater than Odin's paranoia and despite being half-giant, Thor took great pleasure in being involved in two of Jotnar's major genocides. 

    Just as Ares was considered the worst among the Olympic pantheon, Thor is considered the worst among the Norse gods. 

    In fact, Mimir isn't sure if Kratos, with all his might, could defeat Thor; somehow, though, it will probably happen. 

    However, many shouldn't worry about fighting Thor, but Kratos facing Thor in God of War: Ragnarok.


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    For all that could be said for Thor, the same could be said for Kratos in his early days. Under Ares, he led massacres and can be described as a monster. 

    He was angry, brutal and sadistic. He didn't know Zeus was his father at first, but just as Thor is a half-giant who slaughtered Jotnar, Kratos was a half-god who led a war against his own kind (with a few different nuances, of course). 

    Because his anger and rage was such defining training, however used it was, many were shocked to see the stoic and reserved Kratos become the God of War in 2018.

    The risk in Santa Monica has clearly paid off, however, with the studio giving Kratos a son who is plagued by some of the same challenges he once had: what it means to be a god. 

    In this one, however, Kratos and Thor draw even more parallels well before God of War: Ragnarok. Thor has a daughter that is mentioned in the last game, and how he taught her (if he taught her at all) is probably not the same as what Kratos taught Atreus. 

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    While Kratos tries to temper Atreus so that he understands his role, Thor, at best, encouraged his daughter to embrace it all. 

    Thor's relationship with his daughter is likely similar to what Kratos would have been like as a father to Atreus, after the loss of his first wife and child, had he not changed his ways. 

    Kratos coming face to face with Thor is the same as coming face to face with a mirror to the past, and that in itself can become a problem.


    Source: PlayStation

    Of course, this is speculation, but it seems likely that this fight will return in a major way. 

    Anything can happen, maybe Kratos just surpasses Thor, but that doesn't really add much depth to the story.

     Atreus is trying to learn his place, and as he can be an older teenager, come on this game, which can be even more complicated. 

    If Kratos has to explore his past, his darkest memories, his pain and all, Atreus will see a side of his father he hasn't really seen yet. 

    Kratos' rage, even when unleashed, is tempered in God of War But Ragnarok must free Kratos.

    To complicate his relationship with Atreus, such an action would not only be satisfying in terms of gameplay at the moment, but could further divide the two. 

    This could be seen as a setup for another game, it might explain the God of War mural showing Atreus killing Kratos, but what is clear from Kratos still having the Blades of Chaos is that he still hasn't come to terms with his past. 

    To fight Thor, he might have to delve into it; to save Atreus from his fate as Loki, he may have to conquer that.

    After all, Atreus' rage, Spartan blood, and arrogance are not just reminiscent of his father, but of Thor. 

    So many parallels can be drawn in these relationships that it feels like bombs ready to explode. 

    The death of Thor's sons might be the exhilarating action, but it's what Kratos has to do to beat him that could have the most lasting impact on the franchise. As such, the greatest threat in the history of God of War always was, but perhaps shouldn't be, Kratos himself.

    The sequence of God of War: Ragnarok is in development for the PS5.

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