Getting Started with Game Streaming: The Definitive Guide

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Being a gamer doesn't just mean playing games, it also means watching other people play. More and more people are spending time on YouTube, Twitch and other platforms to watch their favorite streamers show off their gaming skills. However, it's not just about the biggest names attracting millions of fans to their channels.

While not everyone can hope to become the next celebrity, it's a fun and rewarding hobby. Anyone can start streaming while playing their favorite video games.

Game streaming is something many are interested in but don't know how to get started. Whether you're looking to broadcast to your friends and followers or you're looking to build a community and make a living out of it, here's everything you need to start your journey and succeed.

Set a realistic goal

There are several reasons why someone might want to start streaming the game. Many people do this just for fun, while others want to build a dedicated audience and profit from partnerships and ads.

Game streaming can be a full-time job and the main source of income for many. Whatever your purpose, it's important that you set realistic expectations. Game streaming platforms are competitive, so it takes some work to stand out.

With everyone fighting for attention, it takes a special talent and some form of marketing to stand out from the crowd. It also depends on the game genre sometimes. It helps to know what kind of gameplay people like for specific genres. You can be good at building communities and interacting with followers. Or you can be fun and fun.

Whatever your style, consistency is crucial to success. Viewers should be able to see you regularly and come to you often. Don't immediately get discouraged with fewer views. It takes some determination, consistency and tools to carve a niche for yourself.

Choosing the right equipment

One of the biggest requirements for efficient game streaming is having the right hardware. Most streaming services offer a number of features to make getting started easier, but you still need a few things to make your streams dynamic.

PC – The first requirement is a powerful PC that doubles as a gaming and streaming system. Your desktop should run high resolution games on your preferred settings.

Graphics License plate – Streaming your gameplay to a streaming platform can be taxing on your processor and graphics card as the system is already powering the game. The GPU is an important consideration for streamers because a considerable amount of power is required to support game graphics and encode and stream the game stream.

CPU – your computer's processor also plays an important role in your games as well as streaming. Your processor often has its resources split between tasks like streaming, gaming, and running stream-related software, so you need a powerful CPU.

Microphone – This is a worthwhile investment for game streamers as it facilitates clear and comprehensive communication with viewers. While you can always use the headset's built-in microphone, it's best to get a standalone microphone because your viewers will likely leave your channel if they can't hear you clearly.

Webcam – built-in and external webcams are ideal for getting started. A good webcam helps you add some facial expressions to your stream. You might also consider investing in a DSLR camera to take your broadcast quality to the next level.

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EXTRAS – In addition to these hardware essentials, you can consider some accessories to make streaming your game more convenient and professional looking.

Video editor - maybe you need to familiarize yourself with video editors; there are a wide variety of options depending on the depth and sophistication you are looking for.

For example, camera-mounted lights designed to place streamers in better lighting certainly add value to production. A green screen is another addition that enhances the video stream.

Selecting the correct streaming service

Your choice of streaming platform is quite critical to your success, so it should be based on your ultimate purpose. Platforms like Discord and Steam are best for those who want to stream among small groups of friends. However, if you are interested in streaming games to generate revenue, you should consider a platform that offers commercial opportunities.

Twitch remains the most popular streaming platform with a plethora of features including chatbot integrations, a user-friendly interface and partner programs. As the service specializes in game streaming, you can find the biggest potential audience here.

YouTube also hosts a large number of high-profile game streamers and remains the top choice for gaming content. Facebook Gaming doesn't have such a large audience, but it still has millions of users and it tends to grow over the next few years.

Twitch's popularity means that there are already plenty of streamers vying to grab the attention of their niche. Beginners should therefore start using an alternative platform. All these services have already made getting started as easy as possible. Most games and services have a built-in streaming function; leaving a live game is as simple as pushing a button.

Choosing the Right Games for Streaming

When you first start streaming games, it's easy to be tempted to follow the trend with the most popular titles like Overwatch and Fortnite. However, it is not the right way to proceed. The secret is to choose a game that you enjoy playing.

If you play something you don't like just to see the previews, you may not get the results you expect. First, you must ask yourself why you are doing this. If it's just because others are doing it, it's not the right reason.

Another tip is to look at what kind of content other people aren't creating, a community that isn't being served, and a niche that's not yet conquered. Some of the best creators on these platforms found an angle that others didn't and stood out from everyone else.

This is important looking at the competition on Twitch, YouTube and other platforms. Try to incorporate a unique concept into your content to have a better chance of attracting your audience.

Final considerations

Game streaming can be an extremely exciting and rewarding experience. Whether it's making new friends, showcasing your skills or finding new opportunities, streaming your game live can only do you good.

This guide should help you get comfortable with starting to stream games. You have the information about what you need and the decisions you must make. Whatever your goals, by now you should feel motivated enough to give it a try!

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