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    Genshin Impact: Cecilia's Agricultural Sites and Routes

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    Fonte: Genshin Impact

    See where to find and grow Cecilia em Genshin impact.

    Cecilias are a rare resource in Genshin impact , mainly used for ascending characters like Winds e albedo . You are unlikely to find the flower if you are simply wandering around Teyvat, you need to know exactly where to look as spawning locations are incredibly limited.

    Here you can find Cecilia at Genshin impact, along with an efficient way to grow material quickly.


    Fonte: Genshin Impact

    There are several ways to acquire Cecilia in Genshin impact. However, there is only one place in nature that they grow. Check these locations if you need to fill your inventory with the valuable flower.

    • Starsnatch Cliff: This is the only place where you will find Cecilias growing in the wild. Fortunately, there are plenty of them out there, and you'll rarely be short on supply if you stop often and forage.
    • Flora in Mondstadt: Go to the flower shop in Mondstadt and you can buy some Cecilias from Flora.
    • Sharp em Starsnatch Cliff: Talk to Sharp at Starsnatch Cliff and ask if he is bored. From there, he'll ask if you want some flowers, and he'll promptly hand over five Cecilias. This trick only works once, so don't expect to use it as a reliable growing method.
    • Grace Near Favonius Cathedral: Ask what Grace is doing, then ask about Barbatos. From there, ask how to pray to Barbatos. Finally, she discusses "disturbing omens" and she will give you three Cecilias. Like Sharp, this trick only works once.


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    Fonte: Genshin Impact

    Cultivar Cecilias It's one of the simplest things you'll ever do. Genshin impact. Once you've discovered a good pattern, it's easy to find more than 30 Cecilias in just 10 minutes. These flowers will respawn every other day, so be sure to collect them as soon as they become available. This is a simple grow route that will quickly fill your flower supply:

    • Go to Flora in Mondstadt and buy five Cecilias.
    • teleport to Starfell valley , west of Thousand Wind Temple .
    • run to the northeast until you reach the north of the Thousand Wind Temple.
    • From there, keep an eye out for Cecilias' various curls. They are scattered throughout the area and spawn to the tip of the penhasco Starsnatch .


    Cecilia is used to ascend albedo e Winds . You'll need over 100 flowers in total to fully climb a character, which means you'll make frequent cliff stops Starsnatch

    However, you should be able to find 100 Cecilias in three or four trips, maybe even less if you already have some in your stock and are buying them from Flora when available.

    You can also use Cecilias to create the Anemoculus Resonant Stone . This item is used to find nearby Anemoculi in Mondstadt, though it is consumed after you successfully find one. 

    you will need five Cecilias to make a PAnemoculus Resonance Edra, marking yet another reason why you'll be heading to Starsnatch cliff.

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