Genshin Impact: Best weapons

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Before we start, it's important to point out that it's not strictly necessary to have the best weapon in each category to be successful in Genshin impact.

Almost all game content can be completed with any combination. Having the best weapons simply means that their stats and effects are universally good for most characters.

Tier list of best weapons


ArmaClassificationHow to get
Harpa CelestialSgacha
Amos ArchSgacha
Final Breath ElegySgacha
Hunter's Emerald BowABattle Pass
cliff archAPaimon's Bargain Shop
Arch of SacrificeAgacha
Royal ArchAPaimon's Bargain Shop
PrototypeAConstruction & Real Estate
Twilight WaltzAgacha
Last ChordBgacha
Rusty ArchBgacha
alley hunterBgacha
Favonius War BowBgacha
Ode to the Blooming BreezeBEvent
Compound ArchBConstruction & Real Estate


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ArmaClassificationHow to get
Celestial AtlasSgacha
Prayer Lost to the Holy WindsSgacha
Dust MemoryAgacha
Amulet PrototypeAPaimon's Bargain Shop
Loyal GrimoireAPaimon's Bargain Shop
tales of dodocoAEvent
Code of FavoniusAgacha
Symphony of the indolentAgacha
Sun PearlABattle Pass
wine and musicAgacha
Memories of SacrificeBgacha
Sea MapBConstruction & Real Estate
elderberry fruitBBlacksmith
Amber prototypeBConstruction & Real Estate
eye of perceptionBgacha


ArmaClassificationHow to get
Tomb of the WolfSgacha
Song of the PinesSgacha
heavenly prideSgacha
White ShadowAConstruction & Real Estate
Silver Star Buried in SnowAConstruction & Real Estate
Rough SwordAgacha
Or SinoAgacha
Scythe of the Obscure CliffAPaimon's Bargain Shop
Espadão de FavoniusAgacha
rain mowerAgacha
Archaic PrototypeAConstruction & Real Estate
Serpent's BackboneBBattle Pass
Great SwordBPaimon's Bargain Shop


ArmaClassificationHow to get
Homa StaffSgacha
Primal Jade SpearSgacha
Celestial SpineSgacha
Royal Hunting SpearAgacha
Prismatic DrillAgacha
Dark SpearAPaimon's Bargain Shop
Stellar PrototypeAConstruction & Real Estate
Dragon's BaneAgacha
Lancashire in the WestBgacha
Dragon's Spine SpearBConstruction & Real Estate
Rising PeakBConstruction & Real Estate
Spear of MillelithBgacha
Duel SpearBBattle Pass


ArmaClassificationHow to get
Primordial Jade CutterSgacha
Celestial swordSgacha
Mountain CutterSgacha
The fluteAgacha
Black swordABattle Pass
Royal Long SwordAPaimon's Bargain Shop
Lion's RoarAgacha
Sword of FavoniusAgacha
iron thornAConstruction & Real Estate
Grudge PrototypeBConstruction & Real Estate
Alley GlowBEvent
Sword of SacrificeBPaimon's Bargain Shop
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