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Hey Guyss, how are you? Andrew Rangel (Twitch follows) here! Today we're going to talk about the best characters, more precisely about how to increase your chances of getting along, so without further ado, let's go!

In this post you will find a tier list of the best characters in Genshin Impact, mainly taking into account the capabilities of each unit in Spiral Abyss, the game's main end game content, both in terms of damage per second and support and healing, based on the information from the website.

Tier list of best characters

Tier List Overview | Image: TierMaker

Tier S+

AyakaDPS | Cryo
BennettSupport| Pyro
ganyuDPS | Cryo
Hu TaoDPS | Pyro
KazuhaSupport | anemo
RaidenSupport | electro
Xing QiuSecondary DPS | Hydro
ZhongliSupport | Geo

Animal S

albedoSecondary DPS | Geo
dioneSupport | cryo
EulaDPS | Cryo
MonaSupport | Hydro
tartagliaDPS | Hydro
WindsSecondary DPS | anemo
XianglingSecondary DPS | Pyro
XiaoDPS | Anemo
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Tier A

BeidouSecondary DPS | electro
DiluteDPS | Pyro
fischlSecondary DPS| electro
JeanSupport | anemo
KleeDPS | Pyro
kokomiSupport | Hydro
RosariaSupport | cryo
SaraSupport | electro
SucroseSupport | anemo
YohimiyaDPS | Pyro

Tier B

BarbaraSupport | Hydro
kaeyaSecondary DPS | cryo
KeqinqDPS | Electro
ningguangDPS | Geo
NoelleDPS | Geo
QiqiSupport | cryo
SayuSupport | anemo
ThomasSupport | Pyro
xinyanSupport | Pyro
yanfeiDPS | Pyro

Tier C

AloySecondary DPS | cryo
chongyunSupport | cryo
LisaSecondary DPS | electro
RazorDPS | Electro
Traveler (Electro)Support | electro

Tier D

AmberSecondary DPS | Pyro
Traveler (Anemo)Secondary DPS | anemo
Traveler (Geo)Secondary DPS | Geo

This tier list will be updated with upcoming character releases and updates.

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