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    Genshin Impact: All promo codes working | July 2021

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    Similar to other MMOs or Gatcha-like games, Genshin Impact has promo codes that are released throughout the year for players to unlock free premium rewards. 

    Genshin impact is available for free from Monday, September 28 on PC, iOS and Android phones and PS4.

    The Free to Play title of MyHoYo, Genshin Impact, allows players to explore every corner of the open world it offers without any restrictions. In fact, you can completely finish the game in Free to Play mode. 

    However, if you want to increase your character arsenal and gain access to some of the incredibly powerful weapons the game offers, you'll have to play a good sum of Primo-gems (which are a premium currency that can be purchased from the shop) .

    These gems are used to buy Destiny Stones and Fatality Stones. You can then use it to make wishes. Finally, Primo-gems also allow you to recharge the game's energy system, Resin. 

    So this virtual currency is quickly vital for getting new characters, but also for farming the game's dungeons. If you're going to get them naturally as you progress, there's an alternate, repeatable way you can use.

    How to get promotional codes on Genshin Impact

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    The procedure is simple, as long as you know the codes!

    Current codes do not have a specific expiration date, however, codes regularly expire and return to their place. 

    As of January 2021, players have two codes available to use. Players should also note that if they receive a code they paid for, those codes cannot be revoked, so they should be very careful to complete the following steps.

    Before entering these region-specific codes, make sure you meet the following conditions:

    • Adventure Rank 10 reached
    • connect to official website do Genshin impact
    • Go to the tab Code of rescue
    • Select the server you are playing on
    • Enter your character's nickname (your in-game name)

    Once all this is done, you can enter the following codes:

      • Grants 50 Primo-Gems and 3 Hero Lessons (this code is the only reusable code, no frequency confirmations, however)
      • Grants 10.000 Squirrelfish Mora-3-3 Northern Apple Stew-10 Adventurer Tips-5 Ore Quality Upgrade
      • Grants 10.000 Potato Pancakes Mora-3 Monstadoise-10 Adventurer Tips-3 Northern Smoked Chicken-5 Quality Upgrade Ore

    Keep in mind that these codes are for one-time use on each account and will eventually expire after an unspecified date.

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