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Use this guide to level up without having to spend anything while playing Gardenscapes.

Gardenscapes is a puzzle game with thousands of levels full of bonuses, challenges and power-ups. The main objective is to help the main character, Austin, to repair and spruce up his family's huge garden. Many users love playing Gardenscapes because it lets you customize even the smallest details, from benches to flowers and even color combinations.

For each level, you aim to get as many stars as possible. Stars are what you'll use to help accomplish a series of tasks planned for a day. In-app purchases help you get as many coins and stars as you need. However, there are other ways to get the job done without spending a single penny.

Collect coins in every way possible

The main way to get coins is to pass the current level at which you are successfully playing. You can have additional winnings if you still have extra moves. For example, you finish the level in 10 moves and you have 15 moves left. These extras are converted into coins and add up to the original 50 coins when you pass a level. Each level also varies depending on the difficulty. Before playing, there is an indication if the level is difficult or very difficult. You can choose power-ups that can help you win the round. The more power-ups, the more likely you are to have extra moves at the end.

Make a strategy instead of following the clues provided by the system

Help in any format looks good, but you don't have to rely on it all the time. When you take too long to make a move, the system starts giving suggestions and may not go well with the plans you have in mind. It would be better to plan what moves you want to make and move forward with them.

Notice that the leaves are glowing. This is an indication that the system is giving suggestions.

Always try to load Rainbow Blast

Rainbow Blasts are disc-like power-ups that you can use to remove one type of fruit from the level or combine them with another Rainbow Blast and destroy the entire area.

When a Rainbow Blast is fully charged, the system randomly places it anywhere, and you can do this by continually creating other power-ups like the bomb, dynamite, TNT barrel, and rocket.

Remember that the creation of power-ups only happens between the same fruits, flowers, leaves or any element. Here's what you need to remember:

  • Bombs are created by making an L-shaped pattern or 5 pieces in a straight line
  • Dynamites are created by combining six pieces
  • TNT barrels come with matching seven or more pieces

Participate in contests or bonus levels

Every now and then, Gardenscapes adds a twist to the game: adding bonus levels or challenges that match the plot and characters. Sometimes they feature Austin's pet dog, and gaining a few levels rewards you with power-ups and coins. Participating in these new games increases your chances of winning overall.

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Fulfill Austin's daily tasks

Being able to complete daily tasks means that you are moving forward with the game's progress. There are several tasks you must do every day, and you will need stars to complete them. Along the way, you receive rewards and power-ups for completing tasks and garden renovations.

Wait for the man carrying the spinning wheel

This feature is a bonus that comes once a day. A man on a bicycle suddenly appears in the street and you are warned of his presence. It lets you spin the wheel for free and you have a chance to win lots of power-ups, tools or hit the jackpot which also includes coins. Take the time to do this part because more power-ups mean more ways to level up.

send lives

When you have a difficulty level that you desperately want to complete, you tend to use all five lives. In addition to buying more, choose to send lives to your friends. As soon as you continually send them extra game chances, they will do the same and send you as many lives as possible. More lives mean more chances to improve your strategy and win the level.

Join a league/group

Gardenscapes also offers options for you to join a group called “league”, which consists of different local and international players. The main objective of the group is to earn coins and try to reach the first place. These group competitions mostly last 3-5 days, which gives each member plenty of time to contribute coins. Once the winner of the promotional or bonus challenge is declared, the group earns many coins and power-ups, which will then be distributed among them.

Install updates

When the app tells you that the game needs an update, go ahead. There are corresponding rewards for this.

watch ads

When you open Austin's tablet, it sometimes offers videos that you can add in exchange for coins. Rewards vary per video. Sometimes you get 30 coins and other times the system gives 160 coins. The key is to consistently wait for the offer and watch until there are no more ads available.


While it may seem overwhelming, fixing the garden is one of the most rewarding and relaxing parts of the game, especially when looking at the overall results. The goal here is to have fun and enjoy the experience and, overall, make it a source of entertainment.

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