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    Games for Linux: game guide and indications

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    Are you looking for games for Linux and want good recommendations? Games have always served as a source of entertainment for people looking to relax or distract themselves from everyday situations. However, in 2020 the audience that consumes games increased by about 7,1%.

    Games for Linux – Game guide and indications. Source: FreePik.

    There are several devices that allow the public to have access to games, such as computers and cell phones, for example. On computers, there are operating systems that allow game compatibility, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. 

    In this text, I will talk to you about some indications of games for Linux, one of the computer operating systems.

    Games that run on Linux

    Those who do not know, may think that this operating system does not support any type of games. However, games for Linux are in demand and you can have a lot of fun.

    Games that run on Linux. Source: FreePik.

    There are games that are easier to run on the Linux operating system. Below, I will give you some tips so that you can enjoy having fun with your computer.


    This game is a shooting game, released on December 12, 1992. This game is a simulator that uses war tanks and weapons to assist in strategy, leading the player to victory. 

    Its most positive point is that, with its intuitive interface, it is possible to play even if the game is completely in English, but the most negative point is that its graphics are not as good as what we currently find. 

    Selfless Heroes 

    This is a logic game, it makes it necessary for you to exercise your intelligence. 

    This is a free puzzle game for various operating systems, it is even one of the games for Linux. It is intended for the player to solve problems like a programming professional. 

    In the free version it has five bosses, more than 30 hours of games and around 60 puzzles. In them, you must test algorithms and use them for a good functioning. It can be tricky for people who don't like puzzles, but for puzzle lovers, this game is perfect!


    Source: FreePik

    This game has the last updated version in the year 2011 and it is a game with the old RPG format. In this way, it is possible to say that its graphics are not as realistic as those found in recently released games. 

    Its history and the development of it is considered captivating, and this is the main reason why this game has great fans. 


    This game is inspired by Minecraft and its player is placed in a world made up of cubes. In it, you can add more cubes or move them, you can compose new items or change their location. 

    In general terms, Minetest aims to help the player with his ability to build and modify environments. This game can be played online or offline or with the player alone.

    Minetest can be played on Linux, but it is in the alpha stage of development, so some bugs may occur. 


    This game is highly recommended for players who like Sonic and this is a game inspired by the Sonic Games, developed in a retro 2D way.

    On this platform it is possible for you to play ready-made games, but also to develop games with the 2D model. This game was created by a Brazilian and currently has collaborators from all over the world. 

    Tales of Maj'Eyal 

    This game was released in the year 2012 and is available for free for various operating systems. This game has a different interface from older games, even with more modest graphics, you can find them in color. This game can be played almost exclusively with the help of the mouse.

    This is a game that promises many twists and turns and the player's success depends on his resourcefulness and the tools used to succeed in the dungeons against opponents. 

    The Powder Toy

    This game is interesting for all people interested in physics, it can be found for free. It simulates air pressure and velocity, heat and the interaction between various substances in the construction of complex machinery, weapons and bombs, for example. 

    What is the best linux for gaming?

    Linux is well known for its security and lightweight but accurate operating system. Currently, among gamers, this operating system has also been known for the gameplay it offers.

    Linux games have been gaining research volume. However, there are several versions of Linux for desktop, now I will talk to you about which one is better for gaming. 


    Source: FreePik

    This is one of the Linux distribution types, this one is inspired by Debian, this one has the Steam app makes all games perform the same. 

    To have this type of Linux distribution, your computer must follow some prerequisites: It has 4 GB or more of RAM memory, USB port for installation and NVIDIA, Intel or AMD video card. 

    Fedora Games Spin

    This type of distribution has a better display of games for Linux, it tries to cover most of them in its collection. The games present in this System range from puzzle games to shooting games. 

    To have this operating system, it is recommended that you have at least 2 GB of RAM, 20 GB of hard disk, in addition to a wired or wireless internet connection.

    SparkyLinux GameOver

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    This version is aimed at distributing SparkyLinux games. This game is highly recommended for those who like classic games.

    To have it on your computer you need: I586/amd64 processors, 246 RAM memory, 4gb of pendrive for installation and up to 30GB of hard disk. 

    Ubuntu GamePack

    This Linux distribution is based on Ubuntu, it comes with Lutris, PlayOnLinux and Wine, makes even the appropriate Windows games run on your computer. This distribution also gives you the opportunity to install other software packages. 

    To have this installed on your machine, you must have: 2 gb or more of RAM, 20 GB of hard disk, video cards from Intel/Ndidia/AMD. 

    Popular games that can be installed on Linux

    Linux has become a widely used operating system for games in recent years, thanks to the recognition of its ability. 

    Games for Linux. Fonte: FreePik.

    Many games have been developed so that users of this system can play, observe some tips below.

    Rocket League 

    Among the games for linux, this one offers a very unusual experience that is playing football, hockey and even basketball using your car. Its biggest plus point is the fact that its control is quite fluid, in addition to being easy to understand. 

    You can play offline, but you can also play online, compete with other players. The biggest downside of this game is that it is available for a fee on Steam. 


    This game is known for its brutality and intensity, it should be played by people over 18 years old for the open use of highly destructive weapons and the amount of gore presented in the game.

    There is a possibility where a player can play alone and he must face the demon clan in hell to get out of the environment. The biggest downside of this game is that it is available for a fee on Steam. 


    Of the games for linux it is the most similar to Minecraft and in it you can create a world using blocks. The biggest plus point of this game is the fact that, there are many different packs and textures, it provides a more real feel. 

    There is a lot to explore in this new world, develop skills related to crafting, hunting for food and decoration, for example. This game can be found for free on the Linux website.

    Dark place

    This is a very famous game for Linux, it must be played individually. The genre of this one is action as it is a shooting game. It can be found for free to download.

    Multiplayer games for linux

    Multiplayer games for Linux have become increasingly popular, thanks to the integration they offer among players. This type of game allows several players to participate in the same game simultaneously.

    Games for Linux - Multiplayer. Fonte: FreePik.

    Did you know that it is possible to do this with games available for installation on Linux? Discover below some Linux game options that fall into this category.

    Counterstrike: Global Offensive

    Counter Strike or CS, as it is better known, is a classic shooting game that runs well on the Linux operating system. This is a multiplayer game where two teams face each other, depending on the modality played, they fulfill several challenges. 

    The news that fans of shooting games don't really like is that this game can only be found in paid form on Steam.

    Dota 2

    This RPG game is a good outlet for people who like battle games and is one of the most popular Linux games among people who like the genre. 

    The matches are composed of two groups try to destroy each other's heritage, so that this mission has artifices, each team can collect items to assist in the mission. This game can be found on the Steam platform for free!

    Team Fortress 2

    It is a game that was released in 2007 and is a shooting game where the gamer can play in first person, participates in 9 stages so that your character develops more and more in the plot. 

    After completing the 9 missions you will be included in a team to carry out the missions. It can be purchased for free on the Steam platform.

    League of Legends 

    Source: Google Images

    Just like Doda, League of Legends or LOL, as it is popularly known, it is a multiplayer game that can be played on the Linux operating system in an incredible way!

    You are a champion full of skills that face other champions online, destroy the defense where your rival has the power, this is done along a path. To play this game you don't need to understand a lot of computer, just like the story. This game can be found for free on Steam.


    This is one of several first-person shooter games for Linux, in which you'll find a wide variety of weapons, as well as an arena-style game. The point most stressed by the creators of the game is that Xotonic is a free game and always will be. 

    You can play this type of game while waiting for the shooter in the arena, but it is also possible to play in multiplayer. This game is updated frequently, as well as having a graphic that impresses many players. 


    In this text it was treated about the world of Games for Linux, talks a little about some versions and makes indications that can really please you, with an updated material. 

    If you liked today's topic and reading and want to know a little more about this and many other topics, continue on our website. To the next!

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