Free Fire Tips and Tricks: How to Play Like a PRO

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Know some basic and advanced tips and tricks of Free Fire is an essential aspect on the path to becoming a pro in the game. In addition to your Free Fire shootouts, a solid strategy will keep you significantly ahead of the pack.

Free Fire, over 500 million downloads on Google Playstore, has been one of the popular trends during the quarantine period, with players around the world trying to level up.

In that sense, we present the best tips for beginners and advanced to help you become a Free Fire pro, without spending countless hours playing the game.



Be in cover or use this technique while looting.

All Free Fire players need to be careful not to loot in the open. It's easy for enemies to catch you off guard while you're busy looting crates.

So, to avoid being an easy target, move the analog stick sideways continuously while looting. Using this strategy, it will be impossible for your enemies to aim headshots at you.



Best Thumb Setup in Free Fire

The popular video platform YouTube has several videos recommending players to switch to grapple controls.

However, it is better to use the thumb layout when playing Free Fire as the game does not have any complicated in-game mechanics. You can quickly adapt to Free Fire controls, unlike PUBG Mobile.



Enable default objective precision.

If your aim is poor, using standard aiming accuracy, with or without the scope, is recommended.

In turn, you'll land more headshots and the crosshairs will automatically move towards your target. The steps of an auto headshot are: crouch, scope, zoom in, crouch and shoot.

This feature is somewhat similar to the aim assist feature in PUBG Mobile.



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Best free fire settings

The reaction time on Free Fire depends entirely on the sensitivity settings. Therefore, it is essential to find out which sensitivity settings suit your playstyle. Copying someone else's settings can cause big problems.

Adjust the sensitivity settings according to your device. On low-end devices with 2GB RAM, keep the sensitivity at maximum, otherwise, play with the default sensitivity.

Overall: 100

Red Dot: 30

2x scope: 52

4x scope: 66

AWM Scope: 82.



Use or jump-shoot not right time.

Many Free Fire players often abuse Jump-shoot.

To be able to come out on top when using the jump-shoot, your jump needs to be well calculated. It's important to note that this fancy move can totally mess up your aim. So before using this in ranked mode, go for custom rooms and practice until you get it right.



Fight even outside the zone.

80% of Free Fire players get nervous when the reduction zone is close, even if it's the initial one, and immediately disconnect from a fight midway.

We suggest that you fight when you have the upper hand, or retreat immediately. Prioritize zones only in the final circles, which inflict a lot of damage on players.



Practice sniping.

Another way to improve at Free Fire is to learn to shoot.

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