Frankenstein's Army Director Claims Resident Evil Village Monsters Are The Basis Of His Projects

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Resident Evil Village has a ton of new monsters for Mr. Ethan Winters face , but not all of them are entirely original designs. At least according to Army of Frankenstein director Richard Raaphorst. 

Raaphorst used LinkedIn and Twitter to draw similarities between his designs and those of some of Resident Evil Village's creatures. The similarities are so striking that even his fans have taken to social media to point out the seemingly carbon-copied versions of those that emerge overnight. For direct side-by-side shots, Twitter user @CloneKorp took it at its simplest, showing side-by-side shots of monsters from the Village alongside their fellow Army of Frankenstein:

Making a mini thread of how weirdly similar some of the monster designs are in @RE_Games Resident evil: Village & @RichRaaphorst's Frankenstein's Army (2013)

⚠️!Creature Design Spoilers Ahead!⚠️

RE:VIII On the Left, Frankenstein's Army on the Right.

— CloneKorp – Live on (@CloneKorp) May 9, 2021
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It's hard not to see the similarities and Raaphorst himself even retweeted the above thread with an answer, saying, “Man, this is worse than I thought. First I felt angry, then I felt proud, but now that I see it, I feel sad.

When PC Gamer's Mollie Taylor spoke to the director, he told her he wasn't sure if Capcom took the designs on purpose, but that the similarities between the various creatures were "too much coincidence" to ignore. He also added that he would have been "super flattered" if Capcom had reached out to him to ask about the design inspiration, but that the lack of credit (if intentional) soured the whole experience. 

Some answers mention that this is not proof of theft, that all horror entries take their inspiration from a similar place. While this is true, can it be said when there are so many obvious links to the film's material? Is this a giant coincidence, or did Capcom get a little too happy tribute without consent? You decide. 

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