Four games to play if you're sold out of Animal Crossing

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It's been more than a year since the early days of isolation and social distancing led everyone to find adventures in their own homes. Video games offered an easy escape from all the stress and uncertainty, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrived at the perfect time in March 2020. For some people who yearned for a change of scenery because of chipped paint on their walls, it was easy to plug in. up with Animal Crossing's colorful nature, smooth music and undemanding gameplay. And for friends who couldn't see each other in person, it also offered a unique platform to have fun.

Still, everyone needs a vacation sometimes, even from the most beautiful island. If you've exhausted all there was to do in Animal Crossing in the last year and you've grown tired of the routine, you might be in need of some new entertainment. Whether you're looking for something equally relaxing or just want a new way to interact with friends, these games should appeal to anyone who is getting sick of Animal Crossing. Without further ado, let's get to the games.

My Time at Portia

Source: Official game page on Steam

Plataformas: Nintendo Switch , PC , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One

My Time at Portia is more of a peaceful simulator, with relaxing aspects that remind us of Animal Crossing.
One of the most captivating things about Animal Crossing is its slow pace and relaxing nature-oriented activities. Slowing down to walk through the forest, catch fish and heat flowers was a welcome break from the most stressful days of the past year. We like My Time at Portia for its peaceful gameplay, quiet music, and wide variety of things to do.

My Time at Portia takes you to the city of Portia to take over your father's old workshop, where you act as a builder who must take orders to build various items for the city. You can tackle them at your own leisure, which leaves you a fair amount of freedom to navigate the game as you wish. There's no shortage of things to do, and Portia is full of mysteries that are a delight to watch unfold.

If you enjoy beautifying your town, interacting with your villagers, and participating in events in Animal Crossing, you'll find similar elements to enjoy in My Time at Portia. It's fun to be a part of the city's festivals and events. The relationships you build with the townspeople are also deeper than you can find in Animal Crossing, making friendships and romances more appealing.


Source: Official game page on Steam

Platform: PC

This is a game with more activities to do together for people who love showing off their Animal Crossing islands to friends online.

If you meticulously terraform and decorate your island in Animal Crossing so you can proudly give your friends rides around it, building and sharing your own theme park in Parkitect is a good choice. If you're also into the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise, Parkitect is practically a modern clone of the best of the series from the early 2000s. The multiplayer mode, which allows up to eight people to work in the same park in real time, is the standout feature for those who likes the more social aspects of Animal Crossing. You can work on the same project together or take over your own area of ​​the park. This is a PC game but the system requirements are minimal so it should work fine on most computers without leaving anyone out just because they don't have a "gaming computer".

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While it's not quite the same as inviting friends to see your island in Animal Crossing, the social aspect of Parkitect will be more engaging for a long time to come. Thanks to the collaborative nature of the game, everyone can actively participate at the same time, and you can save your progress at any time for future sessions together.


Source: Official game page on Steam

Plataformas: Nintendo Switch , PC , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One

How to find new villagers and make them feel at home in Animal Crossing, only deeper and more impactful.
Spiritfarer is a game about sailing a ship and transporting lost souls to the afterlife. Although its theme centers on death, it is actually a calming meditation on existence that omits all violence and morbidity from its game. It offers more structured quests than Animal Crossing, but doesn't pressure you to pursue them until you're done.

In addition to just being nice to the other characters, in Spiritfarer you are a caretaker. As you explore and find recently dead spirits (all of whom take the form of animals after boarding your ship), you must build them houses, cook their favorite meals, and perform different tasks to make them as comfortable as possible in your journey to the afterlife. You spend the rest of your time on Spiritfarer exploring new islands, gathering resources like wood, ore, and seeds, and expanding your ship to accommodate new buildings and amenities for your passengers.


Source: Official page of the game on the PlayStore

Platforms: Android, iOS

A cute and relaxed Animal Crossing alternative for your mobile device.
The Animal Crossing series already has a mobile version, called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, so if you've gone as far as you can in New Horizons and just want something similar on your phone, look no further. But if you're tired of the Animal Crossing universe and want to shake things up without straying too far from the formula, we recommend Seabeard. Most games like this are “freemium” apps – you can download and play them for free, but optional extras and conveniences will cost you. In this case, during certain actions, you are subject to long waiting periods that are only there to annoy you and make you pay to jump. But Seabeard's paywalls aren't the worst offenders compared to similar titles, and it's a fun game with beautiful art and activities like those in Animal Crossing. As with any game that has in-app purchases, however, make sure your parental control settings do not allow purchases before handing the game over to a child.

The entire game can be played in portrait mode – and often with just one hand – which makes it more appealing to grab in spare moments throughout the day.

In Seabeard, you are a captain tasked with rebuilding a once thriving island. You sail to different islands to recruit crew members and scavenge for supplies needed to repair abandoned buildings, all while performing the familiar moves of shaking trees for fruit and catching fish to sell.

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