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Portal do Gamer has tips and tricks, strategies and secrets you need to succeed in Come on I haverizon 5. Whether you're a new player or a veteran, these tips will help you cross the finish line first and earn your place in the Hall of Fame.

Speak Gameeers, all right? Andrew Rangel (@andrew.rangel) here! Today we're going to Forza Horizon 5, more precisely about how to increase your chances of doing well, so without further ado, let's go!

Adjust your settings

Forza Horizon 5 offers a multitude of ways to customize your driving experience to suit your exact playstyle. 

In the Advanced Controls settings, you'll find all sorts of options for changing dead zones for your buttons or triggers that can affect how your car accelerates, turning sensitivity, and how the E-brake responds to button presses. 

Additionally, in the difficulty settings you can also change how arcade or simulation you want your car to look, with arcade giving you much more freedom to do risky stunts and simulation requiring you to master the turns.

There's even a toggle button that lets you set cosmetic damage (damage does not affect performance) or simulation (wear will affect performance). You also earn bonus CR depending on how difficult the Drivatars are and how much driving assistance you need. It's a true choose-your-own-adventure approach.

broaden your horizons

Expanding the Festival is what unlocks the most events on the map, so try doing the opening quest of each festival event to open up new race types. It won't be long before your map is filled with all sorts of races, which gives you a ton of things to do.

Also, if you want to compete in landmark events, make sure you keep unlocking new missions on the map as you earn commendation points. Special demo races and story events are also mostly locked behind paid AP access.

Quickly unlock manufacturer bonuses

By purchasing a certain number of cars from a specific manufacturer, you will unlock a bonus prize. Many of these manufacturers only have one car in the game, which is usually relatively cheap. A quick way to unlock XP at the start of the game is to buy some of them once you have the credits to do so.

drone discoveries

When trying to find a barn in the big circle radius, instead of driving around looking for it, switch to the drone and fly. You'll find it's faster not to have to drive, and when you find it, it'll even mark it on the map for you to drive.

If you still need help, take a look at our guide to barn finds. Includes a detailed map of where to find all 14 classic cars.

trace back

If you really mess up during a multiplayer race, the rewind feature still works online, but you will only rewind yourself, as opposed to playing solo where it rewinds all opponents and NPCs/traffic. This means that you are likely to fall far behind the competition.

That doesn't mean it doesn't have its place in online races, you only have to use it if you really get it wrong. Basically, unless you're falling off a cliff or missed a crucial checkpoint, it's best to leave this feature to AI racing.

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the road less traveled

many races from Forza Horizon 5 require you to pass checkpoints to stay on course. However, some do not have this restriction. Take advantage of this as you explore the Mexican scenery on your way to an incredibly fast ride. In fact, some of the quest times can only be completed using this strategy.

Advantages of home ownership

Most houses available for purchase automatically unlock a perk to help you, so take a look at what's available and try to buy the Player Houses you think will help you the most. For example, we highly recommend purchasing the Buenas Vistas property on the west coast of the map as soon as it becomes available, as it unlocks the ability to fast travel to any road on the map. This is a huge time saver, but…

cheapest fast travel

… You should also make sure to break as many Fast Travel boards as possible to reduce the cost of fast travel in the game. Smash them all and the cost becomes zero, so be sure to check out our interactive map to make sure you don't miss any!

That said, don't stress about seeing XP or fast-travel boards in seemingly impossible-to-reach places during your first few hours. The vast majority of PR stunts are not placed on the map until you open the Horizon Rush festival expansion; after that, new ramps will appear on the map, making it possible to destroy tricky boards

Use map filters!

After unlocking all adventures, your map can get extremely confusing. Use the filters to choose a specific type of run or just make it so you can only see activities you haven't completed yet.

This tip seems obvious enough, but it's worth pointing out how much starts showing up on your map after you've unlocked all Expeditions. A clean map makes crossing Mexico much easier.

Don't ignore your skill perks.

As you unlock mastery points, you can spend them on your favorite car to unlock things like speed skill boosts, improved skill multipliers, and even gears.

However, we recommend that you choose just a few cars for your perks. Pick one or two cars at most for racing and drifting, then save the rest. You can use these perks to accumulate money quickly. Check out our How to Make Money Glitch guide for more information.

You (probably) got email!

Be sure to always check your compliments and correspondence. Many of the rewards you receive for completing all of the comprehensive rewards in Forza will not actually be given to you until you take active steps to collect them.

choose your carriage

When racing in single-player mode, choose the car that you feel most comfortable with to drive. It doesn't matter if it's slower, all your opponents will be placed in the same type of vehicle.

This allows you to make things a little easier if you wish. After all, sometimes we all just want to go off-road racing in an old-school Ferrari.

check the weather

Before each race, be sure to check the weather. This can have a big impact on your car's performance during the race. For example, if it's raining, the track will get wet, causing you to slip if you don't turn more carefully.

This extends to the Seasons system, which can present even more weather-based challenges. Check the forecast to put yourself in the best possible position.

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