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    Forza Horizon 5's nature sounds are perfect for reading, studying and running

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    Relax before the race starts in November

    A new video from Forza Horizon 5 doesn't have any new gameplay sequels, but it does have half an hour of soothing ambient nature sounds from all of its virtual recreation of Mexico.

    The “Nature Sounds of Forza Horizon Mexico” will take you across the country, savoring the sounds of a variety of natural regions of Forza Horizon 5, from rugged hills to lush jungles and tropical beaches. Each soundscape is accompanied by still images of a series of different landscapes belonging to their respective regions. 

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    Honestly, the only thing that could make this masterpiece of chill promotional materials even better is if the still images were live footage so you could watch the clouds pass by and the vegetation gently swaying in the breeze. On the other hand, perhaps this distracted the focus too much from the sounds of nature.

    Also, you can check out the new multiplayer gameplay Forza Horizon 5 that Playground Games debuted today if you want to see more of the open world racing game in action. 

    The 50-minute showcase included a look at some new Arcade mini-missions that send players racing to crush as many targets as possible, or (for Burnout fans) an Eliminator mode where riders explosively collide.

    O Forza Horizon 5 is still planned to arrive on November 9th and will be included in Xbox Game Pass from day one. Even if you don't support racing games, it might be worth downloading just for the environment.

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