Forza Horizon 5: How to unlock free fast travel anywhere on the map

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Forza Horizon 5 introduces your driver to another vast open world of racing on a beautiful field that we prefer to jump into sometimes. Fast travel is mandatory in games where the map is approximately the size of Mexico. 

You'll tour the Caldera's active volcanoes and navigate Mayan temples in this fictionalized version of North America's southern neighbor.

There's even more to do in this installment, with the introduction of arcade-style mini-games that you can play with friends or rivals on the road. You can even create new races or minigames with the EventLab feature. 

like other games Forza Horizon , you will be launched across a vast representation of a country (this time Mexico) and will be able to explore, participate in racing events or spontaneously test your skills against other players in your online world. 

The racing physics is more flexible than the hyper-realistic version of Forza, so anyone can jump into these games if you have the desire to drive fast through incredibly beautiful landscapes.

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April 1th 2022

And if you want to skip some of those landscapes and jump right into the action, here's how to unlock the Fast Travel perk.

How to unlock free fast rides permanently | benefits guide

You don't start Forza Horizon 5 with the ability to fast travel anywhere for free. To get this benefit, you need to complete a very specific event and then buy a very specific property.

  • not event Horizon Street Scenes , complete the run of Guanajuato Expedition .
  • After completing this race, the house Good views will appear on your map. It costs $2.000.000.

Purchasing this house will unlock the Fast Travel privilege , which allows instant transfer to any road on the map. This is very useful if you're tired of driving long distances to get to certain events - or if you're just enjoying exploring and finding those hidden collectible barns.

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