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    Fortnite: Where to put rubber ducks in Retail Row, Pleasant Park and Believer Beach

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    All three rubber duck locations in Fortnite.

    Fortnite Season 7 challenges are live, including a challenge that requires you to put rubber ducks in Retail Row, Pleasant Park and Believer Beach . With our help, you can complete this seemingly simple mission very quickly. Featuring non-repeating Legendary Quests, the weekly challenges are far more varied than they have been in a long time. Here's how to complete this final legendary quest for week 1 and earn another 30.000 XP. You will need it for all available rewards this season.

    Retail Row Rubber Duck location

    Drop down to the basketball court for the first rubber duck.

    Before we locate all three of these rubber duckies, it's worth knowing that their locations may change from round to round, but only slightly. If you stop where this guide says to go, you will still find the ducks very close, if not exactly where we found them. That said, let's make a healer.

    On Retail Row, you'll want to get off near the basketball court in the southeast corner of the named location. Sometimes on the court, sometimes close to the next house, your first duck will be right in this area.

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    Pleasant Park Rubber Duck location

    Like the others, the Pleasant Park rubber duck can switch between a few spots.

    In Pleasant Park, you'll want to look for the gas station along the road east of the village. Sometimes it will be found right against the podium you see above, and other times it will be next to the football field bleachers, but those spots are almost side by side, so head down east of Pleasant Park and you'll find this. Collect this duck up to two-thirds of the way through the challenge.

    Believer's Beach Rubber Duck location

    After all, what is a swimming pool if not a big bathtub?

    One of Season 7's map changes is also home to its final rubber duck. For this one, you'll want to search around the pool near the east parking lot. We found ours right at the edge of the pool, but he can move slightly. As always, look for its golden glow to identify it if it has changed location slightly.

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