Fortnite: Where to Find the Grab-itron Weapon

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Fortnite adds another weapon to Season 7 with the Grab-itron, a fun way to throw objects at enemies or use as a portable cover.

There's a new addition to Fortnite's ever-changing arsenal of weapons, the Grab-itron. Described as a "UFO in your hands", the unique weapon allows the user to pick up an object and throw it at whoever, or whatever, they want. The larger the object, the more damage the weapon will do. A held object can also act as a shield until it breaks.

The Grab-itron comes a week after the Legendary Plasma Cannon was added. Defensive items like the Inflatable Bull were also brought to Fortnite this season. These updates are great for trying out new strategies, loadouts, and having fun with friends. Players who want an offense and a defensive edge should try Grab-itron as soon as they can. However, it is not available on competitive playlists.

Where to Find Grab-Itron in Fortnite

There are a few possible locations where players can find the Grab-itron, but some are more likely to spawn the alien weapon than others.


The Grab-itron can be found as random loot in chests across the map, and the chances of receiving a Grab-itron increase the more chests a player gets close to. With so many potential items that can be found in a chest, however, it would be best to land near a kidnapper to begin the search.

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Abductors are the gray-purple circle icons found on the map that suck up players when they jump under them. Random loot is scattered on top of the floating structure. While here, players can use an alien hologram block to complete an epic quest if they haven't already done so.


It can be a little time consuming to be abducted by the mothership in Fortnite, but if a Grab-itron cannot be found in an abductor, players can try to enter the mothership anyway. A player must be in an area under an Abductor to be transported to the main ship.

Once on board, a Fortnite minigame will begin soon, with players competing in a low-gravity area to collect Vault Orbs. Collect 5 to get the best loot possible, and when the timer hits Zero, players will be transported to an area full of chests. Open as much as possible before time runs out until a Grab-itron is found.

Best Location To Get Grab-Itron in Fortnite

A good strategy to find the Grab-itron as quickly as possible would be to land on an Abductor near a large loot area. Check the Abductor and if no weapons are found, head to land and start looking for as many chests as possible. While searching, players can be abducted by the mothership, where they have the best chance of finding the Grab-itron.

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