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    Fortnite: Where to Find Meat and Peppers for the Week 6 Season 7 Challenge

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    Source: Epic Games

    This guide shows Fortnite players where they can find meat and peppers on the island, one of the most recent quests in Season 6 of the game.

    As is the case, basically, with each new week,  Fortnite  adds a new set of epic quests for players to complete in exchange for XP. One of the more recent challenges involves players collecting meat and pepper around the island, which is a bit more complicated than some players might think.

    The ever popular title Battle Royale free from Epic Games is entering its final month of its sixth season. The “Primal” season saw a variety of obvious changes to the gameplay of Fortnite , including the advent of a weapon crafting system, vehicle modification items, the introduction of animals, and other changes that largely polarized the fanbase.


    As mentioned before,  Fortnite Season 6 saw the introduction of fauna to the island, including frogs, chickens, wild boar, wolves and even raptors. Animals are controllable, but anything other than frogs and chickens will inherently attack players, making this step a little dangerous depending on which animals are involved. 

    Those looking for a surefire spot to find some of the meat-producing creatures will want to head to Colossal Crops.

    Players should be able to easily find chickens e boars circling the general area to satisfy the first mission requirement. Alternatively, while it's the furthest thing from the safest option, players can also get meat from hunting birds of prey, another one of the Week 7 quests, effectively making it a 2-for-1 deal.

    Source: Epic Games
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    Find peppers this is where this quest becomes a little more difficult, as spicy food can only be found inside small ware boxes. 

    Searching all gas stations is a good starting point, as well as places like the kitchens at Durr Burger and pizza pit. However, one of the most likely locations for players to find peppers is in Orchard, located north of Colossal Crops.

    Players can usually find several loot boxes located near external registration counters. After collecting five peppers, the quest must be completed. Just like the last step, it also overlaps with another Week 7 quest of consuming foraged items, so players must eat the peppers after collecting them.

    Source: Epic Games

    Fortnite has certainly been offering gamers a lot of content lately. In addition to the regularly released weekly quests, the game has also added a Creative Mayhem LTM . 

    The Fortnite Creative competition has players submitting videos of their best death runtimes on the designated Creative Mayhem map, alongside choosing their selected favorite Fortnite content creator. The creators and chosen community will continue to represent their region or country in the Creative Mayhem Global Finals for a prize pool of $264.000.

    Finding meat and peppers is one of the easiest quests to  Fortnite , and with the help of the guide it should be a breeze for most players. However, not every player is interested in doing side quests and prefers to focus on getting a real victory. This has become much easier or more difficult, depending on how you look at it, as the Tactical Shotgun and Infantry Rifle are back in the game.

    Fortnite now  is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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