Fortnite week 5 alien artifact locations

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Five more alien artifacts arrive in Week 5.

Fortnite Week 5 alien artifacts are almost here. They should appear in the game tomorrow, July 8th, . But these valuable vessels of Alien Artifacts can be difficult to find, as they are stored in new places every week. If you're wondering where to find the new Alien Artifacts this week, we'll walk you through how to collect all five and continue to customize Kymera.

Week 5 Alien Artifacts

Once again, there are five different locations where you can find alien artifacts this week. Each crate gives you five more Alien Artifacts, which means you can add 20 to your inventory this week before you even think about Cosmic Chests, which appear randomly in Battle Royale modes played in teams of two or more.

You can find week 5 alien artifacts at the following locations:

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  • In a small camp northeast of Craggy Cliffs
  • Near the basketball court on Retail Row
  • On top of the clock tower in Misty Meadows
  • In the attic of the blue house southeast of Believer Beach
  • Above the gazebo in the middle of Pleasant Park
Fortnite Week 5 Alien Artifacts

Kymera, the Tier 1 Battle Pass alien character, can be customized across a variety of features including armor color, skin color, armor glow, eye color, head shape, and more. Each Kymera resource category includes a tiered list of options ranging from two to 17 alien artifacts per item, including a full set of free options that act like the default Kymera style. To unlock the most expensive item in any category, you will first need to unlock all others before it in the same category.

That's why collecting all Fortnite alien artifacts each week is so important if you want to unlock the full range of features. Unlike previous Battle Pass customizable cosmetics like Maya from Season 2 Chapter 2 or Season 2 Chapter 3 Brella, Kymera can be restyled whenever you want. 

There is no permanent lock on your appearance. You can even make multiple Kymera characters for different presets. It's like assembling an alien army for your shipments. But you have to get Alien Artifacts during the week they debut, as they are replaced the following week by new ones.

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