Fortnite's Simple Trick Lets the UFO Mothership Revive You

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UFOs have been wreaking havoc since they arrived at the start of Fortnite Season 7, but a simple trick discovered by a player showed that you can actually be revived with their help.

A epic Games introduced a bunch of new extraterrestrial features at the start of last season themed Invasion, including powerful IO Tech weapons, multiple reimagined locations, and even alien parasites that drain health but also offer buffs.

Now, the giant UFO known as the Mothership that has been hovering menacingly over the Island has opened its doors. If they kidnap you, you'll participate in a mini-game to earn high-tier items, but there's also another useful feature they offer.

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The mothership does more than just abduct you...

Mothership can revive downed Fortnite players

In a thread on the Fortnite subreddit, user MattDraws shared a clip of a recent Duos match where he was knocked down by another player and was about to run out of health. But instead of inevitable elimination, he found himself being taken away by a kidnapper.

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These larger UFOs – which cannot be steered by players – started appearing on the map in the recent v17.10 update, and act as vessels to abduct players onto the giant mothership that floats above the Island.

When MattDraws arrived on the mothership, he was revived and able to rejoin the game, narrowly avoiding being knocked out – and also having the advantage of being able to earn some powerful weapons in the mothership minigame.

Tip: getting sucked up by the big UFOs revive you from FortNiteBR

Other Fortnite players have shared similar experiences with the mothership to prove that this actually happens, with one commenting, "Someone knocked me into doubles today and out of nowhere I was abducted and I was in no way."

Another wrote: “I was doing doubles and got knocked down by a guy whose partner I killed when he ran me over with a car. Right when he was trying to get to the end, I was abducted and I was confused why I didn't die after getting aboard the Mothership. ”

Of course, it's not always possible to predict when you will be abducted by the mothership, but you can definitely increase your chances that this lifesaving rebirth will happen by staying in a location that has an abductor floating above it.

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