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    Fortnite's Best Weapons | Layer List, Season 7

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    Source: Epic Games

    Discover the tier list of the best weapons in Fortnite Season 7. Find the best classes to chain the Top 1.

    Fortnite Battle Royale has become a worldwide phenomenon since its release in 2017. After 10 seasons, Chapter 1 closed on October 13, 2019 with a breathtaking event that only Epic Games has the secret.

    Chapter 2 brought a lot of changes to the game and we are already in season 7. Despite the passing of seasons, the premise of Fortnite remains the same. 100 people are parachuting across a map and there should be only one left.

    To reach this prestigious Top 1, players can collect weapons from the ground, in chests, or through the exchange of materials. Each has different levels of rarity – Common, Atypical, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic (during certain events) and Exotic.

    Statistics depend on scarcity. The higher the rarity, the more effective your weapon. To maximize your chances of winning, therefore, it is in your best interest to optimize your arsenal. Check out our tier list of the best weapons in Fortnite.

    Fortnite weapon tier list

    Animal SSlone’s Pulse Rifle , Special Shotgun , Single Shot Sniper Rifle , Rocket Launcher , Railgun , SCAR
    layer Apulse gun , shotgun lever , spray gun , 
    layer BNight Eagle , Bourlingueur , Rifle Tactical Pump , Assault Rifle , Scout Sniper Rifle ,  Machine pistol rapid fire , pistol tracker dark
    C layerrifle Burst robbery , rifle Assault Heavy (AK) ,  Pistol, Silenced Submachine Gun, Elite Six-Shot
    layer DPickaxe

    Slone's Pulse Rifle

    This season 7 alien assault rifle is capable of annihilating your opponents in no time.

    • Exotic : 38 damage

    Specialized shotgun

    The Specialty Shotgun is the most effective close range weapon in Fortnite. With a headshot, you can take out your opponent with a single bullet.

    • Ordinary : 84 damage
    • Atypical : 92 damage
    • Raro : 100 damage
    • Epic: 108 damage
    • Legendary: 116 damage

    single shot sniper rifle

    Having a sniper rifle in your arsenal will always give you an edge over your enemies. Be careful around you, there is always a sniper hiding somewhere waiting for you. Every bullet can be fatal.

    • Raro : 105 damage
    • Epic: 110 damage
    • Legendary: 116 damage

    Rocket launcher

    The rocket launcher is always there to ruin your games and your magnificent builds in Fortnite. His power is still so devastating. Be careful not to overdo it!

    • Epic: 115 damage
    • Legendary: 130 damage

    Electric cannon

    The Railgun is a new fragmented weapon in Season 7. Your trump card? Your laser shot can go through walls of structures!

    • Rare: 85 damage
    • Epic: 89 damage
    • Legendary: 94 damage


    The famous SCAR is the automatic assault rifle used in Fortnite. Despite successive seasons, the weapon is still powerful in Battle Royale.

    • Epic: 35 damage
    • Legendary: 36 damage

    layer A

    pulse rifle

    The pulse rifle is clearly a safe bet in mid and long range. This AR will allow you to hurt your opponents.

    • Raro : 33 damage
    • Epic: 35 damage
    • Legendary: 36 damage

    action shotgun lever

    The Lever Shotgun is a more balanced version of the Specialist. The weapon does slightly less damage but has a better rate of fire.

    • Ordinary : 93,6 damage
    • Atypical : 98,1 damage
    • Raro : 103,5 damage
    • Epic: 108,9 damage
    • Legendary: 114,3 damage

    Submachine gun

    The SMG is the best in its class. Your rate of fire is your main asset. This will eliminate your opponents very quickly.

    • Ordinary : 16 damage
    • Atypical : 17 damage
    • Raro : 18 damage
    • Epic: 19 damage
    • Legendary: 20 damage 

    layer B

    night eagle

    The exotic revolver is an interesting weapon thanks to its scope. Its 6-round magazine will allow you to take down your opponent with just a few shots.

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    • Exotic : 44 damage


    The improved revolver has formidable firepower, but its speed is quite slow, which prevents the weapon from becoming OP.

    • Epic: 75 damage
    • Legendary: 78 damage

    tactical shotgun

    The semi-automatic shotgun is less powerful than the specialized shotgun, but has a better rate of fire. If you prefer a faster, more maneuverable bomb, this is the tactic for you.

    • Ordinary : 72 damage
    • Atypical : 76 damage
    • Raro : 80 damage
    • Epic: 84 damage
    • Legendary: 88 damage

    assault rifle

    The classic assault rifle that you can easily find on the floor and in all chests. This will save you from the start of the game, but you'll have to quickly find your variant, which does the most damage.

    • Ordinary : 30 damage
    • Atypical : 31 damage
    • Raro : 33 damage

    Scout sniper rifle

    Like every exotic weapon, the Scout Sniper Rifle has a hidden ability. Your scope contains a weather map capable of revealing the next storm circle before it appears on the map!

    • Exotic : 85 damage

    rapid fire submachine gun

    The rate of fire of the second submachine gun is insane. But it lacks precision and can be costly during combat.

    • Ordinary : 13 damage
    • Atypical : 14 damage
    • Raro : 15 damage
    • Epic: 16 damage
    • Legendary: 17 damage

    Dark Tracker pistol

    This pistol is currently one of the only silent weapons in the game. Perfect for sneaking up behind your enemies shooting them without them knowing where your shots are coming from.

    • Exotic : 29 damage

    C layer

    Explosive Assault Rifle

    The Famas is a relatively efficient semi-automatic assault rifle. However, this is not the best recommended choice for ARs.

    • Ordinary : 31 damage
    • Atypical : 32 damage
    • Raro : 34 damage

    Heavy Assault Rifle (AK)

    We passed the AK-47. Far from being useless, the Kalashnikov is also not a recommended assault rifle for Fortnite.

    • Ordinary : 33 damage
    • Atypical : 35 damage
    • Raro : 37 damage


    Don't you like it when you open a chest and fall on the gun? Well, so are we! Epic Games can't just add good weapons.

    • Ordinary : 24 damage
    • Atypical : 25 damage
    • Raro : 26 damage

    machine gun silenced

    This submachine gun is clearly not the most effective, but at least it has the merit of being discreet.

    • Ordinary : 20 damage
    • Atypical : 21 damage
    • Raro : 22 damage

    Elite Six Shots

    If you want to play her as a cowboy, this gun is clearly for you. But it's certainly not that you'll do your best.

    • Exotic: 24 damage

    layer D


    The Pickaxe isn't really a weapon to fight in Fortnite, but it can be used in certain cases, like for example taking out enemies on the ground to save their bullets... or even trolling your opponent in the final duel for real victory.

    • Ordinary : 20 damage

    This article is updated regularly as patches of notes and new classes come to evolve the meta.

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