Fortnite: Raptors Hunting Locations for the Season 6 Week 7 Challenge

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A challenge for week 7 of season 6 in Fortnite requires players to hunt two raptors, so here's a guide to their locations and tips for engaging them.

Raptors are among some of the deadliest additions to season 6 of the Fortnite Chapter 2, roaming in pairs and attacking any player in sight. While Raptors can be tamed, a week 7 challenge challenges players to face these deadly animals head-on. 

It's dangerous, though completing the challenge gives players an easy 24.000 XP for the battle pass. Better, it counts to unlock everything in the cosmetic set Neymar Jr.

Taming a Raptor is one thing, though only fools dare to face these creatures. They rarely roll without support, so players will want to keep their heads spinning. They are fast and if not careful they can do massive damage in seconds. 

As a precaution, some players may find that the Hunter's Cape makes this challenge much easier. The item makes the wearer invisible to the animals, allowing players to dispatch them without raising the alarm. Alternatively, players can utilize the meat to attract Raptors.


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Overall, Raptor spawns are more or less limited to the locations on the map above. Particularly, large concentrations are focused around Misty Meadows, Weeping Woods e Stealthy Stronghold. Furthermore, players from Fortnite can assume that where they find large dinosaur eggs, the Raptors are not far off. They have a large walk radius, which means players can find them far from their eggs late in the game.

When it comes to facing them, doing so on a balanced battlefield is the quickest way to face certain death. A good strategy is to use a vantage point and take the Raptors off top, disabling their ability to retaliate. 

Ranged weapons such as assault rifles, bows, and rockets give players an advantage, although close-quarters combat is prohibited. Shotguns are possible, though the risk may not be worth it. If the Raptors if they prove difficult, it's never a bad idea to complete the objective as part of a squad.

Players who complete this Week 7 quest may find they can kill two Raptors and a side quest with a rock. A challenge challenges players to mark weapons of different rarity, starting with Common and going all the way up to Exotic. 

Raptors are quite deadly if players are only using common weapons, so they might think it's reasonable to upgrade them to Legendary rarity, at least. Once this is done, players will have a good head start to face the mighty Glyph Master Raz and claim your Mythic bow.

Fortnite  is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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