Fortnite players earn extra rewards for playing with friends

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Epic Games has revived Fortnite's "Reboot a Friend" promotion with new rewards offered to players if they get some of their friends to play a few matches with them. The requirement requires players to invite and play with people who haven't played Fortnite for a certain amount of time. Pickaxes, sprays, and other items are among the things players can earn by participating.

To participate, you must find players on your friends list who have not played Fortnite in the last 30 days. Invite them to a match and you'll earn 100 points for every player who meets the 30-day requirements. Each match you play with these players later will earn you 10 points.

Reboot a Friend is back! Have friends that haven’t dropped onto the Island in a while?

Invite them back and play together to earn in-game rewards.

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- Fortnite (@FortniteGame) April 6, 2021
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Collecting 100 points earns you the Reboot a Friend Spray, 200 the Hearbeat Wrap, 300 the Toxic Flash Glider and 400 the Plasma Carrot Pickaxe, which comes in two different varieties. This means that if you play with three “missing players”, summoning for a Fortnite match, and then play four more matches with the same team, you will earn all the rewards quickly.

If your friends list is full of active Fortnite demons and you don't have any eligible for the promotion, you can still get the rewards - a lot more combinations will suffice. You can invite friends as you normally would and you will earn 10 points per player, per match, having people on your team. 

The Reboot a Friend promotion is live and runs until April 26th. Epic Games said donated items are not exclusive to this promotion and can be sold at a later date, so if you lose them now, there's still a chance you can get them in the future.

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