Fortnite players are being randomly kidnapped by UFOs

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Fans have already suspected that aliens will play a big role in the upcoming season of Fortnite. now UFOs have appeared on the island and are kidnapping players.

After Zero Point,  Fortnite went with a slightly more prehistoric twist with Season 6, dubbed Primal. 

Players have been surviving a wilderness filled with friendly and fearsome animals (including dinosaurs) and using a crafting system to make better weapons and armor. 

But the season is now nearing its end, specifically on June 7th, and all signs point to Fortnite Season 7 going into a sci-fi mood thanks to the presence of aliens.

Epic Games' teases for the upcoming season weren't exactly subtle. Mysterious Fortnite postcards sent to players appear to advertise the appearance of the aliens and crop circles have been discovered on the island itself. Now real UFOs have appeared, not that players can see them properly, and they are abducting people.

As shown in the clip below, it doesn't look like the UFOs are visible, with players' view of them being obstructed by the glowing green light they emanate. It's impossible to lose the tractor beam's glow and it takes a while to take effect, but players can be captured by it and taken to the UFO. Then, in a flash of light, they are transported to another location.

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If that means the UFOs are just moving people or abductees are having their memories of what really happened while on board the OVNI off is something for gamers of Fortnite theorize for now. 

Interestingly, while being moved can be a little irritating, hijacking has its benefits. In the clip, the player has their protection bar completely restored. Allegedly, abductions also fully restore health.

Apparently, abductions are completely random and seem to only occur in the center of the map, so it's very likely that not all players will see this happen. Even so, with the news already spreading through the community, it's doing its job of generating discussion and engagement for Season 7.

Given the sci-fi influences that season 7 may have and the Fortnite by thematic crossovers (for example,  tomb raider  e  Horizon Zero Dawn  for Primal), fans could expect more sci-fi icons from other franchises to appear as an unlockable skin. 

Maybe the Epic finally add the supposed and much sought after Samus Aran from Metroid .

That said, Epic is unlikely to be limited to just space characters. Despite Season 6's wild theme, gamers still saw the likes of DC's deadly assassin Deathstroke and even a character from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn fantasy novels.

Fortnite  is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S.

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