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    Fortnite is bringing back the tactical shotgun and infantry rifle

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    Source: Epic Games

    Fortnite  is releasing its latest hotfix today, bringing various gameplay tweaks and tweaks. While not a major game patch, fans might be surprised at what today's update introduces, or rather reintroduces, the game: the tactical shotgun and infantry rifle.

    O popular Battle Royale shooter free-to-play da epic Games is currently in its sixth season of Chapter 2. Much of Fortnite's conventional arsenal has been saved for the current “Primal” season, which introduced a weapon crafting system in addition to primary and mechanical (normal) firearms.

    News about the return of fan-favorite weapons comes courtesy of Fortnite Status Twitter, which provides service update information for the game. 

    âś… Two favorites return! Unvaulted the Tactical Shotgun and Infantry Rifle
    âś… Doubling chance of Crafting Parts in floor loot (again!)
    âś… Mech Parts dropped from cars increased 50%
    ✅ Improved loot chances for fish spots, Supply Drops, and Bunker Chests – favoring Classic weapons

    — Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) May 3, 2021

    Starting today, players will have access to the Tactical Shotgun and Infantry Rifle in Battle Royale. While the shotgun hasn't been seen since Season 5, the gap between the Infantry Rifle's appearances is considerably longer. 

    The last time players saw the mid-range weapon was during Chapter 1 Season X. Tactical Shotgun is known for trading a little damage in favor of a faster rate of fire compared to its counterpart Pump Shotgun, while the Infantry Rifle age like a hybrid Assault-Sniper Rifle, featuring a single shot per trigger pull for better accuracy.

    In addition to the weapon pair being added again, the  hotfix Fortnite adds several other updated features. The chance of finding Crafting Parts on the loot floor has doubled (again) and Mechanical Parts dropped from cars has increased by 50%, which should be a special trick to quickly acquire Mechanical Parts much more effectively. 

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    Source: Epic Games

    The update also includes better loot odds for fishing spots, supplies, and bunker chests, all of which favor the appearance of classic (normal) weapons. All the new tweaks seem to favor mechanical weapons, leaving the fate of less accurate but more powerful primary weapons in question.

    While the Tactical Shotgun and Infantry Rifle are the latest weapons to be brought to Season 6,  fortnitee has been busy adding entirely new weapons as well. 

    In addition to things like the explosive projectile-launching recycling weapon, last week saw the introduction of the new Exotic Unstable Bow. Sold by the NPC Rebirth Raven for 500 Gold Bars, the Unstable Bow has the unique trait of transforming into a different Bow that is fully upgraded after each shot. 

    While the two returning weapons are not Exotics, both will be available in Legendary rarity, which should place them at the top of this season's weapon rankings.

    The new update, while small, should satisfy many of the game's players.  Fortnite who are not fans of the Primal versions of weapons. However, a different and more mysterious update has sparked recent speculation from players. 

    The clock located in Boney Burbs started ticking for unknown reasons, leading players to theorize what the noise could mean for the POI or even the map as a whole.

    Fortnite now  is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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