Fortnite: How to open Cosmic Chests and where to find them

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The new season of Fortnite fell, bringing invasions of UFOs and aliens to the map. Along with these extraterrestrial beings and like Superman and Rick & Morty are Cosmic Chests, which bring new mechanics for Fortnite to find and open.

Bunker chests were introduced to the game in Season 6 of Fornite, giving players a new type of chest to loot on the map. With Cosmic Chests, however, it looks like players will need to work together to open them!

How to open Cosmic Chests

This new type of chest is based on existing chests already in the game and can only be found in Duos, Squads and Trios. Cosmic chests also only activate when the entire team is nearby.

Opening a Cosmic Chest is relatively easy to do, but it can take a little time:

  1. Find a Cosmic Chest with your team members in tow.
  2. Once there, beams of light will lock onto one or more members of your party.
  3. Any player with the beam of light will need to attack one of the markers on the crystal.
  4. Rinse and repeat until the chest opens!

Cosmic Chests gameplay

It's easy to see why opening Cosmic Chests also takes teamwork. As indicated by HPEX's gameplay leaker with both Fortnite News and Shiina, it seems as if messing with the chest can knock you back as you try to break it open if you don't follow the instructions above correctly.

Cosmic Chest Gameplay with @ShiinaBR & @Guille_GAG

It drops insane loot, I'll tell y'all the loot pool of it later today!

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) June 8, 2021

These chests are also not easy to open. From the clip above, it looks like HYPEX and her team take almost a minute to finally destroy the crystal around them, although that depends on how quickly your team reacts to the beams of light.

Contents of the Cosmic Chest

Finding one of these chests and successfully opening it will give you great rewards in return, like Alien Artifacts, which can be used to customize your personal Kymera skin.

All the customisable options for KYMERA!

via @SexyNutellaFNBR #Fortnite

— Parallax | Fortnite Intel (@ParallaxLeaks) June 8, 2021

Chests also drop items like legendary weapons and other common items like shield potions and building resources.

Where to find Cosmic Chests

Similar to our Bunker Chests guide, we've put together a list of all the locations we know of so far for Cosmic Chests. As we said, to find them you need to be in Duos, Platoons or Trios (it's also in Competitive mode). While most of their spawns are random, players have shared some of the locations where they found them.

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We had issues tracking these chests consistently in these locations, but they should be a great starting point with places to look.

dirty docks

As indicated by YouTuber SavageStorm Lord, the road leading out of Dirty Docks to the north has a chance to spawn a Cosmic Chest right in the middle of the road.

Misty Meadows

Located southeast of Misty Meadows main POI, head towards the cliff edge which is lined with trees and there's a chance you and your team will open one there!

Pleasant Park

To the northeast of Pleasant Park, user TKYT found a Cosmic Chest outside the iconic location, located on a hill diagonally from the upper right corner of Pleasant Park.


As soon as the season was over, HYPEX and his squad found this in the southeast of Retail Row, and this chest is easily accessed (if it shows up there for you!) on the snowy mountain. One of the best ways to achieve this would be at the beginning of the match when you jump off the Battle Bus.

Slurpy Swamp

This one, shared by Kiidsmok3 Tv on their channel, is relatively easy to find, in Slurpy Swamps'… swamps. Heading south from the main POI, cross the body of water to the grassy dirt spot and you can find one here!

Image Credits: epic Games

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