Fortnite: How to level up quickly in the Season 7 Battle Pass

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We've found some of the best ways to level up quickly in the Season 7 Battle Pass and claim all the rewards in the process.

For those looking to level up quickly in the new Season 7 Battle Pass for Fortnite, here are some of the best ways to level up quickly in the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass.

With Season 6 coming to an end, players can finally get their hands on the Season 7 update, which has introduced a bunch of new content to the game.

with an abundance of players continuing to play Fortnite Over the years, we thought it would be helpful to go through the fastest ways to level up through the Season 7 Battle Pass.

The release of Fortnite Season 7 brought crazy new content to the game, with map changes and even Rick Sanchez de Rick and Morty entering the fray.

For those looking to step up to the Battle Pass and unlock these new skins, let's take a look at the fastest ways to level up in the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass.



While it seems obvious, playing the game as much as you can can obviously raise your rank and level up just fine. Better yet, performing well in your games by getting high rank and kills will give you even more XP and rank up faster.

Also, don't forget that playing with friends will give you an extra XP boost, so be sure to team up with your friends and get yourself some Victory Royales!

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Every week Fortnite gains a new set of Epic and Legendary Quests/Challenges, which players can either passively complete while playing or really focus on completing them.

Typically, there are around 12 quests for players to complete. If you focus on completing them, especially the legendaries, it will allow you to rank up extremely quickly, especially if you do so as soon as they spawn.


Furthermore, what the epic Games has done in recent seasons are hidden missions. These quests are not in the weekly challenges, but appear when you take the first step.

Many of these hidden quests are consistent across seasons, for example consuming apples, wearing bandages, or even damaging opponents. These quests also have more than one step, so if the first challenge is to consume 10 apples, the next step is to consume 5 more, allowing you to repeatedly complete it to the limit.

Completing these hidden quests to the point where you can't progress any further is one of the best ways to continually earn XP throughout the season, rather than waiting for a new set of challenges each week.

The best way to complete these weekly, hidden quests is to try and focus on completing more than just one challenge at a time. Some players even like to jump into a Team Rumble game to complete multiple missions in one game, which is a very efficient way to level up.

That's all about how to level up fast in Fortnite Season 7. For more information about Fortnite, stay tuned to GAMER PORTAL and check out our recent article on all locations of NPC's in Fortnite Season 7.

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