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    Fortnite: How to get the Ferrari 296 GTB

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    See how you can get the new Ferrari 296 GTB and use it to complete Season 7 Week 7 epic missions in the popular video game.

    There are new missions to complete in week 7 of Fortnite season 7, and some of them involve using a Ferrari 296 GTB. See how you can get this elegant vehicle and complete the missions.

    The 7th week of the 7th season of Fortnite  brought some new epic and legendary quests to complete. These tasks include lighting bonfires and building wooden hatcheries across the map.

    However, there's a nice twist to this week's epic missions, as three of them involve the new Ferrari 296 GTB vehicle on Fortnite Island. This guide will help you find that car and beat the challenges.

    Fortnite Ferrari locations

    Epic Games confirmed in a official post that the GTB Ferrari 296 will be available in Fortnite from 22 July to  October 06th, 2021 . You can find this fancy vehicle at Believer Beach .

    If you go there, you can find one parked near the gas station on the road leading west of the area. The second can be in the parking lot east of Believer Beach.

    You can also find a Ferrari close to Lazy Lake, as one of the Week 7 Time Trials takes place there. Your best bets will be the gas station and car dealership.

    To make things a little easier, we've marked these locations on the map below:

    How to complete all Ferrari missions in Fortnite

    Ferrari replaced the Whiplash car in Fortnite and has some differences from that vehicle. It has a higher magnification speed as well as an elegant and different look.

    This vehicle will be needed for the following missions:

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    • Reach top speed in a Ferrari – 30.000 XP
    • Drive a Ferrari through the storm – 30.000 XP
    • Complete Ferrari Time Trial – 30.000 XP

    How to reach top speed in a Fortnite Ferrari

    This challenge will be easy to complete once you acquire a Ferrari. Just look for a long stretch of road ideal for driving a bit straight. Go as fast as you can until you get a notification that the mission is complete.

    While you might be tempted to try this off-road challenge, you won't be able to reach top speed because the Ferrari will be much slower.

    How to Drive a Ferrari in the Storm

    You should only attempt the next challenge if you have enough health. Simply drive to the edge of the circle, enter the Storm for a few seconds, then drive back inside.

    You'll also want to make sure the Ferrari has enough fuel so you can drive away from the Storm when it starts to shrink.

    How to complete Ferrari time trials in Fortnite

    Finally, Time Trials are the ultimate Epic Quest involving Ferrari. We recommend heading to Lazy Lake for this challenge as you will be able to find a Ferrari there.

    The Time Trial only requires you to follow the arrows around the course and drive through them all before the time runs out. Don't worry if you don't do this the first time, you can try again later.

    Also, check out how to use Fortnite's new Preferred Item Slot system that came with the 17.20 update.

    Image credits: Epic Games

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