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2019 Fortnite World Cup Solo winner Bugha has teamed up with Epic to release an iconic new skin and cosmetic set for fans.

Forty-one competitor streamer Bugha (aka Kyle Giersdorf) had previously won the battle royale's 2019 Solo World Cup. Epic is releasing a Bugha skin with other accessories to honor this massive achievement as part of its icon series.

Previous Fortnite Icon skins included the Ninja, The DJ Americano Marshmello and the astro and NBA LeBron James. The eighteen-year-old is an esteemed companion, and his cosmetics package lives up to 'Icon' status, offering various styles and accessories, with his cute pug even making an appearance.


Bugha's skin and Icon Series set are available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop for a limited time. It will cost the fans 1.500 V-Bucks for the standard Bugha Outfit and the adorable Zoey Trophy Back Bling, which is shaped like the world champion's trophy and contains his pug. The skin includes the Bugha Elite and Bugha World Champion styles, as well as his default appearance.

The Bugha Set is currently discounted by 1800 V-Bucks. At full price, the set costs 2600 V-Bucks. In addition to the Bugha Skin and Zoey Trophy Back Bling trio of styles, fans who purchase the set will also receive the Bugha Blades Pickaxe and Bring It Around Emote, which the contestant is known for.

To purchase the required V-Bucks, fans must navigate to the Store tab, select the number of V-Bucks they want, click 'Buy', enter their card details (if not already stored), then confirm the order. Fortnite cosmetics purchased on one console will carry over to other systems as long as players have the same Epic account connected.

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Continuing with the celebrations, the Epic teamed up with Bugha to create a Trios LTM: Bugha's Late Game Arena. Running from July 20th to July 28th, groups of three will compete in the Fortnite  map with the storm approaching from the start. 

It will also have custom and random loads that the Epic designed with the help of the young World Cup winner.

Playing Bugha's Late Game Arena will give players Hype, and anyone who earns 1500 Hype before July 28 will be eligible to participate in Bugha's Late Game tournament starting July 28.

Players who qualify and enter this version of Bugha's Late Game will compete against others in their region for the chance to split $100.000 in prize money with their team.

The tournament will consist of two rounds, with each round lasting two hours and a maximum of ten matches played in each round. In addition to earning 1500 Hype to compete in this mode, players must also have 2FA enabled on their Epic account.

Fortnite is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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