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    Fortnite: Captain Marvel 'Brie Larson' now has an exclusive pack

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    Source: EpicGames

    B, known for its role as Captain Marvel, became the player we never knew we needed. 

    His YouTube videos covering a variety of subjects provided much-needed comfort during the impact of lockdown last year, and his leap into video games was no different. 

    Finding a new passion for Fortnite from epic Games, Larson recently announced the arrival of his package Fortnite Locker exclusive.

    Larson shared his enthusiasm for Fortnite with the world last week when she uploaded a video of her showing the fellow Marvel actor Tessa Thompson playing Fortnite. 

    After bragging about your time game over 300 hours, Larson introduced newcomer Thompson to Fortnite and her basic mechanics and of course her Captain Marvel skin in-game. 

    Source: Fortnite
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    While Larson sought to win, Thompson was more interested in taming a wolf, but both got their wishes in the end.

    In conjunction with Captain Marvel's co-op mission with Valkyrie, Larson also shared news of his bundle. Fortnite Locker no Twitter, in partnership with epic Games. The actor is the first big-name celebrity to receive a custom loadout, working the pack's theme around his Fortnite squad, Bush Babies.

    A moment I will *forever* cherish… introducing my Fortnite Locker, inspired by my real life squad – The Bush Babies! What items are must-haves in your locker? #EpicPartner @FortniteGame

    — Brie Larson (@brielarson) April 15, 2021

    Larson worked with Epic to create a variant of the Bushranger skin titled Dream Ranger, sporting a blue and purple colorway complemented by a mushroom-coated headband and Bush Babies necklace. 

    Additionally, the Buzzy Bag and Honey Hitters Harvest Tool have been redesigned to fit Larson's colors, completing the package with emotes Freemix e Glitter.

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