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    Fortnite: All NPC locations in Season 7

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    Source: Epic Games

    Here are the locations for each of the NPC's da 7 Season that you can duel, hire, and pay to turn it into a prop.

    Fortnite 7 Season features several wacky NPCs that you can visit around the island, so here are all the Fortnite NPC locations for when you need to find these individuals.

    Along with the start of 7 season de Fortnite came the map changes and the introduction of some new NPCs such as guggimon e Rick and Rick Sanchez de Morty . spending Gold Bars , these NPCs can be hired to fight for you, duel you for big loot, or turn you into a prop.

    To complete your collection of all characters, you need to find all 16 scattered around the map. Fortnite. This can be tricky as Fortnite doesn't say where they are located, but we do have each NPC's location to help you out.

    Here are all the Fortnite Season 7 NPCs and their location on the updated map.


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    thanks to the website Fortnite.GG , we have the location of every NPC discovered in Fortnite Season 7 so far. Fortnite.GG also tagged each character to say if they can be rented, if they can be dueled, or if they will turn you into a prop for the right price.

    Here are the detailed locations of each season 7 NPC:

    1. Summary: Northeast side of Retail Row
    2. Guggimon: near the lighthouse on the northwest side of the island
    3. Sunny: on the boardwalk in Believer Beach
    4. Bunker Jonesy: On the south coast, southwest of Misty Meadows
    5. Bushranger: o north side of Point Zero remains in the center of the island
    6. Dreamflower: northeast of Holly Hedges
    7. Joey: west side of Dirty Docks
    8. Hayseed: Steel Farm ao nordeste do Corny Complex
    9. Marigold: Southeast side of Lazy Lake
    10. Maven: IO base between Craggy Cliffs and Smoky Piles
    11. Rick Sanchez: Base IO a leste de Weeping Woods
    12. Riot: bridge west of Misty Meadows
    13. Tower: IO Base southwest of Dirty Docks
    14. Special forces: Port of Bunker to the south of Lazy Lake
    15. Swamp Stalker: south coast of Slurpy Swamp
    16. Doctor Slone: Corny Complex

    Just as Mending Machines , keep in mind that not all of these NPCs are guaranteed to spawn in every Fortnite match, so you may arrive and not find them there. Also, NPCs are known to move around, so we will update you if they are found in more locations.

    More NPCs are expected to be added throughout the season, so we'll update this article with any new characters and their location.

    As Season 7 progresses, you will likely be tasked with finding several of these NPCs to complete the weekly challenges on offer. So it's worth studying and learning their locations to get a head start on completing them.

    Image credit: Epic Games / Fortnite.GG

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