Fortnite: All Exotic Weapons in Season 6 and How to Get Them

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The players of Fortnite can use this short guide to find the locations of all available exotic weapons in chapter 2 season 6.

For each new season of Fortnite, a epic Games adds a number of new mythical and exotic weapons. Now that Chapter 2 Season 6 is ending, Season 7 is slowly but surely approaching.

And since the weapons are gone in favor of new ones that will match the teased alien theme, players will want to find all the exotics so they can try them all before they're gone.

Here the locations of all exotic weapons in Fortnite season 6 and how to get them.


How to Get Shadow Tracker Pistol

To purchase the Shadow Tracker Pistol exotic weapon, players will need to locate a cabin southwest of the Misty Meadows point of interest. If players look at the map, the hut is near a snow-covered mountain. Once players reach the area, they will see a big sign in the cabin that says “Dance”, and inside is an NPC named Power Chord. They will sell players the weapon for 400 gold bars.

How to get Chug Cannon

If players head to the Slurpy Swamp point of interest, players will encounter an NPC named Slurp Jonesy in the northeast section of the area. He will sell the player the Chug Cannon for 600 gold bars.

How to Get Hop Rock Dualities

If players go to the hamburger restaurant south of Holly Hedges, they will find another NPC. Gutbomb sells Hop Rock Dualies for 500 gold bars. Players can also hire the NPC to help during the match or challenge them to a duel to obtain a handy Epic rarity shotgun.

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How To Get The Dub

Players can find the exotic southwest room of Steamy Stacks by purchasing it from Burnout. Dub can be purchased for 600 gold bars. Players can also talk to Burnout and have him reveal nearby cars on the map or take on some missions for some quick XP for the battle pass.

How to Get Six Shooter Shooter

Northwest Lazy Lake is a two story home that stands by itself. Inside, players can speak to an NPC named Deadfire and can purchase the Marksman Six Marksman for 400 gold bars.

How to Get Grappler Bow

Fortnite players can find the Grappler Bow by talking to Lara Croft in Stealthy Stronghold in the northern section of the map. She sells the bow for 500 gold bars.

How to Get Unstable Arc

Northwest of Sweaty Sands, players will find a lonely house where Rebirth Raven is hanging out. She will sell players the Unstable Bow exotic weapon for 500 gold bars.

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Fortnite is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One e Xbox Series X / S.

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