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    Fortnite adds the Grappler Bow to the game

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    In a new update today, Fortnite adds the Grappler Bow to the game, acting as a combination of the Harpoon Gun and Grappler Gun.

    While most Battle Royale games feature the typical assault rifles, pistols, shotguns and the like,  Fortnite has always been willing to do more “out there” with its wide arsenal of weapons, like the newly added Recycler. And while the game featured bow and arrow weapons in the form of Cupid's Beast, Bows and its many variants were added in Chapter 2, Season 6, as a replacement for many sniper rifles.

    Along with Fortnite's new Primal theme this season, Makeshift, Primal, and Mechanical Bows have been added to the game. The addition of the new crafting mechanic has also given players the ability to drastically upgrade their Primal and Mechanical Bows in Bows like the Primal Flame Bow, Mechanical Shockwave Bow, and more. Now Fortnite has added another bow to the game with the Grappler Bow.

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    In a new update today, Fortnite made the Grappler Bow available to players, although it differs from some other bows in that it cannot be crafted. Chapter 2 Season 5 introduced fans to a new weapon rarity with exotic weapons, which can only be purchased from NPCs or found in rare chests. Like other exotic weapons, the Grappler Bow can be purchased from Lara Croft's NPC for 500 Gold Bars.

    Players can track Lara Croft in the Stealthy Stronghold POI for the chance to buy her Grappler Bow. Naturally, players should be careful not to damage Lara Croft before attempting to purchase the new Bow, as she will become hostile and attempt to eliminate players, like other NPCs in the game. The Grappler Bow acts very similarly to the Grappler weapon that previously appeared in Fortnite, although the new Bow has a different grappler hook with a suction style. Players can use the Grappler Bow to quickly traverse the map, aiming it at trees and other structures, instantly launching themselves forward as soon as the arrow makes contact with the surface.

    It is important to note that the Grappler Bow does not have an unlimited number of uses, but follows other bows such as the Mechanical Shockwave Bow, where players need an arrow for each shot of the Bow. Much like the Harpoon, players can use the new Bow to damage opponents while simultaneously bringing them close for a quick finisher in hand-to-hand combat.

    Last week's Fortnite update brought players new Chonkers tires, which fans can use to modify any vehicle for better off-road driving, also giving it a monster truck-like suspension. Epic Games has been getting pretty creative with the new weapons and items in Fortnite this season, so fans can be sure to expect a lot of interesting additions to the game soon.

    Fortnite now is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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