Five New Steam Games Released in May That You Probably Missed

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We're rating new games on Steam so you don't have to. It is worth remembering that these are games released in the first half of May.

On a typical day, about a dozen new games are released on Steam. And while we think this is a good thing, it can understandably be difficult to keep up. Potentially exciting titles are sure to get lost in the deluge of new things to play unless you rate every game released on Steam. So that's exactly what we did. If nothing catches your eye this week, we've rounded up the best PC games you can play right now and a list of the games that are coming this year.


Source: Official game page on Steam

Release Date: May 07th
Developer: Petums

Papetura is a point-and-click adventure set in a world made entirely of paper. The protagonist Pape (also made of paper, hence the name) is a prisoner who has just escaped, but perhaps Pape would be better off in prison because the world they escaped to is ravaged by "dark and flaming monsters". According to Petums, Papetura is inspired by the Neverhood films, Machinarium and Studio Ghibli. It's definitely gorgeous to see in motion, and you can definitely see the influence that Amanita Design had on this one.

Distant Kingdoms

Source: Official game page on Steam

Release Date: May 05th
Developer: Orthrus Studios

This Early Access city builder is set in the fantastic land Ineron, so you will be planning, maintaining and optimizing settlements for not only humans, but also dwarves, elves, and orcs. As you'd expect, it's not just about building: you'll need to manage most of your society's affairs, and you'll also send out traveling parties to deal with the usual band of fantasy enemies (dragons, imps, ghosts, and trolls). These actions take place in choose your own adventure format, but also prepare to scratch your chin as you unravel “a deep web of production lines”. Distant Kingdoms is expected to release in 1.0 within a year, during which it will have a full campaign story mode and more.

Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition

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Source: Official game page on Steam

Release Date: May 08th
Developer: Brainwash Gang

Nongunz is a roguelite with an almost monochromatic art style that straddles the line between bold and cute. In a nice change for roguelites, the action here is entirely twitching and reflexes. There's a card-based perk system, a ton of different weapons and items to find, a kill-chain combo to encourage never-stopping.

Farm Manager 2021

Source: Official game page on Steam

Release Date: May 7th
Developer: Cleversan Software

If "nihilistic roguelites" aren't your thing, then you might want to do some farming. In fact, Farm Manager 2021 is less about planting and harvesting than managing the big logistical concerns of maintaining a farm. Sure, you'll plan your farm and plan production based on your knowledge of weather patterns, but you'll also need to maintain your equipment and employ humans to help run the thing. Also, it has bees. If you're a fan of the series, you probably already have this, but newbies should check it out, it can be relaxing.

Cloud Cutter

Source: Official game page on Steam

Release Date: May 06th
Developer: Just Two ltd.

There's not much to say about this game: it's a simple, yet very beautiful, vertical scrolling variety game. Unusually for the genre, the team at Just Two is opting for a realistic approach when it comes to art style, but don't worry, there are still "arcade-style power-ups". Vehicles can be upgraded, there are 13 stages, and best of all is local co-op play, which means you can play online.

This was our list of games released in the first half of May that are worth checking out. Comment below if you know any other games that were left out of this list. Take care and until next time!

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