Final Fantasy VII Remake is exclusive to PS5 'for at least six months'

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a new trailer of Final Fantasy VII includes small print that suggest the game may not remain exclusive to the PlayStation forever.

The game's 'final trailer', published today, ends with a statement that the next remaster will be a "game console exclusive". PlayStation 5 ".

The statement does have an asterisk, however, which is accompanied by small print that reads, "Available on PS5 at least six months ahead of any other format."

A Square Enix has yet to announce Final Fantasy VII Remake or its next-gen Intergrade edition for Xbox Series X/S ou PC .

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The new trailer showcases the graphical improvements made for the PlayStation 5, and also showcases some of the new content from FF7R Episode INTERmission, a new sub-story starring the ninja character Yuffie. Also check out Fort Condor, a new tactical minigame that is part of INTERmission.

The trailer was shown as part of a live stream of Final Fantasy VII held in Japan. According to the Famitsu , the stream also included a brief update on Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2.

The director Tetsuya Nomura said development was going well and confirmed that the game would take place shortly after the events of Intergrade and would have a "different atmosphere" from Part 1.

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Priced at and slated for release on June 10, Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade Remake is an RPG update from last year for PS5 with improved visuals, faster load times, a photo mode and haptic feedback, as well as the new Yuffie DLC story.

Owners of Final Fantasy 7 PS4 Remake will be able to upgrade to the PS5 game for free and transfer saves from the next-gen version, though this offer isn't available to owners of the March PS Plus version of the title.

And the free update will not include INTERmission, which will also be available for PS5 as a standalone purchase on the PlayStation Store.

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